Yousuf Karsh Yousuf Karsh was an Armenian-Canadian photographer who was known for hisportraits of well known people. He was born on December 23, 1908 in Mardin, Turkeywhich was still part of the Ottoman Empire. He was born during the Armenian genocideand eventually he and his family escaped to a refugee camp in Aleppo, Syria and thenhis family sent him to Canada. He left by ship from Beirut and went to Halifax, NovaScotia from there he immediately went to Sherbrooke, Quebec to live with his maternaluncle. His uncle was a portrait photographer, Karsh worked under him and was given abox brownie camera.

He later left to Boston to be John H. Garo’s apprentice. At the timeJohn was one of America’s most well known Armenian photographers. He eventuallymoved back to Ottawa and settled down opening his own studio in 1932 he would stayin Ottawa until 1972 and by then he would be known as “Karsh of Ottawa” he wasfamous for photographing “anyone who was anyone”. He was brought to fame in 1941when he took a photo of Winston Churchill, The British Prime Minister. The photo wastaken in the chamber of the speaker of the house of commons in the CanadianParliament after Churchill gave a speech on WWII to the Canadian members ofparliament.

The economist called the photo the “most reproduced portrait in the historyof photography” it has been acknowledged as the most iconic photo ever taken. That isbecause people felt Churchill’s facial expression in the photo represented how theBritish felt when facing the most powerful army of all time. The photo appeared on thecover the May 21, 1945 issue of Life magazine. Following the success of the photo Karsh was propelled into international stardom.

Karsh officially retired in June, 1992 andmoved to Boston in 1997 where he would eventually pass away on June 13, 2002.Karsh was widely recognized as Canada’s most prominent portrait photographer and asone of the greatest portrait photographers in general. I like this photo because it isof former US president John F. Kennedy I like this portrait of colonel sandersbecause I like his fried chicken restaurant KFC because he looks very menacing in it I like this picture because it is of MLKand MLK was a good man who stood forthe right things I like this photo of Winston Churchill I like this photo of Einstein because he was a very smartand educated man who blessed us with many important discoveries¬†


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