Your dream can be your future.Since a child I’ve had a dream to make people’s lives brighter and take care of them; which is why I want to be a doctor in my future. I also have reasons for making becoming a docs my goal for the my future. These reasons being wanting to help people, achieving many accomplishments in my life, and also wanting to have a good life.

Helping People means a lot a to me. I can hopefully  help people with my ability as a doctor.I can help the less fortunate people in other countries and do free services with the aid I can provide them as a doctor.I could find cures for diseases and help people all  over the world with the cure that I found.I can do services and prove to myself that I can accomplish my goal if I work hard towards it since this was my goal for my future since I was questioned about it as a 6th grader.I want to achieve many accomplishments in life by believing that I can do what I set my mind to even if it’s a dream that seems to be unreachable.

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By believing that my dreams can become a reality, I think I can manage to reach my goal.Believing that my dreams can become my reality will push me to work harder towards what I am trying to finish, start, or aim for. I would believe that i have a lot of options causing me to explore what’s around me and not stay in one position and lead a boring and dull life.

I can discover my creativity by believing that my dreams can become my reality.I want to have a good life by making my dream into my future. That being becoming a doctor. I obviously have reasons for wanting to become a doctor and for seeing myself as a doctor in my future. Doctors are well paid.

I think with the money I get out of becoming a doctor, I will be able to live my life it’s fullest extent. Doctors are well respected. Everybody wants to be respected including me in everybody.

If being a doctor means being respected, then I would definitely go for it. There are some jobs where you get treated like dirt which is something I don’t want, so becoming a doctor gives me a bonus of being respected. Doctors are also needed as long as there are people,sickness and disease in the world. I would love to be a help to this universe in away possible and by becoming a doctor, I am making a huge difference.Your dreams can become your future. I have my reasons for believing that your dream can become your future.

I want to help people, I want to achieve many accomplishments in life, and I want to have a good life.I want to believe that my dreams can become my future because I want to achieve my goals.


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