You may wonderhow the rights of all Canadian citizens came to be, and there is only one answerto that; The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Thischarter that brings many people closer and gives all Canadian citizens rightsand freedoms is only one part of the entire constitution (  The charter has 34 parts and they all cameinto effect on April, 17, 1982, except for section 15 which expresses equalityrights, and this section came out exactly three years after the rest of thecharter of rights and freedoms on April, 17, 1985 (  This document is very important because it wasa turning point for all Canadians in those years and the future generations aswell. It brought together so many cultures from all over the world in one areato live in peace.

               The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is how Canadianrights came to be, and is the only part of the Canadian constitution thathighlights the basic rights that every Canadian citizen has. The constitutionwas first known as the British North American Act (BNA act) which was createdon July, 1, 1867 but then later when Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeaubrought it back to Canada it was no longer the BNA act but the Canadian constitution( This charter was signed on April, 17, 1982 in Ottawa byQueen Elizabeth the Second and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (

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When Trudeau brought home the constitution he also retouched the charter andmade it into law, he did this so that all Canadians would be treated equallywith having the same rights as one another and not discriminating any person forwhatever reason.               There have been many great accomplishmentsdue to the charter of rights and freedoms. Aboriginal rights have been strengthenedbecause of section 25 (indigenousfoundations.

ca), which states that any rightsthat are in the charter cannot interfere which aboriginal rights, anyrights/benefits given to the aboriginals in treaties are not given to others,and many more other ways ( Another accomplishment is women’s rights,which is stated in section 28, it is written that all men and women are to haveequal rights ( Lastly, the charter also has mobility rightswhich is in section 6 in the charter of rights and freedoms, lets any Canadian citizento come and go from Canada whenever they want, and also gives them the right to live in and province or territory thatthey wish to live in (Canada.

ca).              Over the course of 35 years the charterof rights and freedoms has had a huge impact on Canadian life. It has decreasedthe rate of illegal activity because of the legal rights like speaking tolawyer and to not have to go through searches for no reason (Paradis , May 9, 2017). 


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