You can’t miss the IMDb 8/10 gut wrenching movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan.

The story tells a story through the eyes of Nick Carraway, a 29 year-old Wall street trader and Gatsby’s next door neighbor who initially thinks ill of Gatsby because of the rumors about him like everybody else but grows to admire him in the end. The Great Gatsby is one of those films that are adapted from the original novel but also holds the novel’s originality while enticing the audience even more with Baz Luhrmann’s excellent direction of the film and tells of an age old classic in the remake of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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By all means I would recommend anyone wanting to watch a dramatic movie with many twists and turns to watch The Great Gatsby.Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Gatsby, a young man with an abundance of wealth that resides in New York, Nick Carraway, views Gatsby as a deeply flawed man, who is dishonest and secretive, yet at the same time is drawn to his ambition and drive. Something that he does not see in others. Tobey Maguire plays the role of Nick Carraway who is a young man from Minnesota, that travels to New York to chase the American Dream. Carey Mulligan plays the role of Daisy Buchanan, who is the main obsession of Gatsby in the film.

The main and prevalent theme in the film was the American dream, specifically a symbolic representation of this in the film was the Valley of Ashes. Which represents the consequence of America’s obsession with wealth, and how wealth and class cloud the perception of one’s self. The scene where was it was at the climax and at the turning point of it all was when Gatsby loses his temper because of how Gatsby got exposed by Tom Buchanan in front of Daisy, Nick, and Jordan Baker and that signified to the audience what kind of person Gatsby really was on the inside without the lavish and lush lifestyle covering it up.In The Great Gatsby, there are a few large ideas and few common ideas, to which everybody is attracted to such as the grand parties, wealth, reputation so on and so forth.

The most intriguing thing about Gatsby is his romancy which which is mostly focused on in the movie which the audience can be moved and be swayed by it.A quote that really stood out to me in the end is,  “Within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life”(Nick Carraway) meaning that life can have many twists and turns, whether you’re faced with a difficult challenge, in love and blinded with excitement, and anticipation. The underlying message in Nick’s quote that was prevalent is that all this unfolds under the disillusioned surface. The IMDb rating is 8/10 but for me was 10/10 for this well directed and well played film. In conclusion The Great Gatsby film directed by Baz Luhrmann is a must see classic that is perfect in terms of film direction, story, and plot.


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