Yes. Yellow.Found in most things unfortunately, and this is NOT A GOOD THING! What’s not tosay? Dunblane. Who could possibly want to walk around on house mufti daywearing yellow lion slippers and a high-vis vest as if they were road workerswho forgot to get out of their pyjamas that morning?  Yellow isprobably the most unimaginative colour ever invented. Think of the sun, andthen think of it blinding you, giving you migraines, and causing the mostcommon form of cancer. But it doesn’t stop there. Heat stroke.

I’ll give you asecond to decipher the words. Heat= fire. Stroke= sudden death.

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So you’re prettymuch internally burning to death. Lovely.  Yellow, is the most fatiguing colour.

Why? The answer comes from physics andbiology (excluded). As more light is reflected by bright colours, you canbecome permanantly blind, seriously? All you have to do is get rid of theyellow flashing badges, roadpatrol vests and house badges. Not to add thatsomehow it manages to seep through your thick curtains every single morning.Thoughts: The weekend? Really? Does it really have to bother me at 7am onSaturday morning? Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here?! Leave the lemons alone- they’re badfor your teeth anyway, and stay well away from the danger signs.

You’llprobably die from colour shock before noticing the second priority dangerdirectly approaching your car. So I restmy case. It is clear that not only is yellow the worst colour that has everexisted, but the person who discovered it will be haunted for the rest of theirlife. So remember, stay well away from yellow. Don’twear it, touch it or ever look at snapchat. Why? It’s yellow.

How unfortunate.You want another thing that’s unfortunate? The fact that we can’t get rid ofthe sun, or the hideous yellow house, but please, give them some sympathy.Afterall, they were pretty much given a prison sentence. Get rid of the yellowposters and recycle bins, nike caps and adidas shoes. Yellow has to go.



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