. I still
remember the day I went to an auto expo for the very first time in 2001 , the
only this I bought was ‘a scaled model of Mercedes Benz A-Class car’ which I
still have as a souvenir, The only toys in which I was interested as a child
was related to movement. I always wanted to understand the logic behind this so
that one day I can make one of those thing myself. From then on , physics
became my favorite subject at school , and when I had to choose my career path,
it was undoubtedly Mechanical Engineering. With this background and a desire to
pursue specialization , I’m applying for Master of Applied Science offered by
Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering in University of

I always
have a quest for learning & the same is reflected by my grades throughout my
academic career, After securing 86.5% & 91.4% in senior secondary &
higher secondary respectively I received an offer to do engineering from one of
the most reputed college of engineering – Dehradun Institute of Technology,
India. In the first year itself I got an amazing opportunity to work with the
college Baja team whose aim was to fabricate a all terrain vehicle(ATV) for a  competition conducted by Society of Automobile
Engineers(SAE), but the team was not able to qualify for the main event. The
failure left me with all the knowledge I gained during the project &
motivation to do something innovative. So, the following year I made a team
& participated in EFFI-CYCLE event conducted by SAE where the aim was to
design & fabricate a energy efficient three wheeled vehicle powered by
human-electric hybrid power . The team went onto secure 38th rank
out of 278 teams which participated from all over India. The quest for
fabricating the vehicle increased with the success & next year we
participated in National Go-Kart Design Challenge conducted by Indian Society
of New Era Engineers(ISNEE) to test ourselves in a new dimension. Here we
fabricated a Go-Kart vehicle & successfully participated in the event.
During the tenure I learned in depth knowledge of vehicle dynamics , IC engines
, Electric motors , material & testing , and automobile engineering.

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my graduation I was in top 5% of the students & completed my graduation
with Honors Degree. Apart from this some of the good innings of my academic career
was: ranked 6th in Knowledge Mania – a aptitude cum technical quiz
in DIT University , ranked 3rd in General Awareness quiz in DIT
University , ranked 21st in state mathematical ability merit scholarship
& ranked 1st of Science Model Making competition in School.

During my
graduation I had a excellent opportunity to do a 1-Month industrial training in
TATA MOTORS Ltd, Lucknow plant. I did a project on the ‘Study of Automotive Electronics’
and successfully completed a working model on ‘Central Body Control Unit'(CBCU)
 system which is the main aggregate of
multiplexing system of a commercial vehicle. Since electronics is used in
almost all the automobile functions like intake & exhaust system , fuel
injection system , safety system , vehicle control etc, the training added a
new dimension to my existing knowledge about automobile world.

With the aim
to understand the real world of automobile & widen my experience I applied
for a position & was selected in Ashok Leyland Ltd.(AL) as a Graduate Engineer
Trainee & thus began my carrier as a professional in July 2016. Thought I
was a given a training of all the functions in the organization but the Lean Six
Sigma Methodology caught my focus & I did a 3 months project on that during
my training period. The aim of LSS project was to improve the Turn-Around-Time(TAT)
of the vehicles in the dealership under Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh (Regional Service
Manager-Mumbai). The baseline was 44.4% & during the project TAT reached to
62% and in 6 months time it reached to 90% due to the improvements made during
the project.

Since all
the development , all the research is to benefit the society , with the aim to
understand the market scenario I choose service department after my training
phase. This is the only department in any organization which has a perfect
balance of technical & not technical modules. I was trained in Service
Training Center(STC) of AL in Ennore (Chennai) for 4 months under Mr. Ajay
Raina(Assistant General Manager-STC).During the phase I was given hands on
training on each & every aggregate of the vehicle. Currently I am working
as a Deputy Manager in service department. My key roles is to give technical
support to our channel partners , educate channel partners regarding new
technology being adopted in AL , give Product Performance Report(PPR) to our
product development team , comparison of AL vehicles to its competition and
also maintain a healthy relationship with the customers.

My objective
of pursuing Masters from University of Waterloo is because of the best in class
research labs such WatCAR and Mechantronics Vehicle System Lab. After going
through the extensive course structure provided on the website , I was more
than convicted to apply here. During my study at waterloo , I would like to
work on project under Automotive and Intelligent Transport System expertise.

my post-graduate studies, I would like to continue doing research in the automobile
domain and help in solving problems that are linked to betterment of life. I am
fully aware of the rigors of this program and believe that I have the
dedication and competence to do justice to it. I would like to create a synergy
that contributes to the university and benefits me as well. I hope that my
application is considered favorably and will be grateful for the opportunity to
pursue my dream at your esteemed institution.


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