Writing habits of george r.r. Martin every person of young generation knows george r.r. Martin. He is best known for his epic fantasy series novels a song of ice and fire which was later adapted into game of thrones hbo series.

He has written many famous novels short stories of fantasy horror sci-fi genre. How he managed to write so many books how his books are a best seller here are the tips on how to write bestseller by george martin 1- the career of the writer is not for those who are seeking peace. its a career for adventurers. it consists of ups and downs. and this is hard work. do not think that this is just a drink of champagne but an interview for the new york times.

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2- fiction if it is successful appeals to emotions makes us feel at the primary instinctive level. this does not mean that art books cannot be thoughtful or cannot contain interesting ideas that make one think. simply if you want to lead an intellectual argument it is better to do research.

 of course the nail can be hammered with a shoe but the hammer is better. 3- the most important thing for anyone who writes is reading. and it is important to read not only in the direction in which you work whether it is fantasy science fiction or comics. it is necessary to read everything.

 fiction science magazines newspapers. read the story historical novels and biographies. read mysticism fantasy horror mainstream classics erotica adventure satire. every writer can teach you something. and by the way from reading bad literature one can learn no less than from a good one for example how and what not to do. 4- write. write every day at least a page or two. the more you write the better you get.

 just dont do write in the same background like in marvel or star trek or in any other background. every writer must learn to create his own characters world and settings. when you borrow from someone you become lazy. without working out your own literary muscles nothing will happens.

5- i was always interested not in white or black characters but in grey. the story is about grey. i know it quite well and i was convinced that there are no absolute heroes as there are no absolute villains. take the most extreme examples hitler stalin mao and genghis khan. all these mass murderers were heroes in their own eyes.

 or read about the catholic saints mother teresa gandhi you will learn such things that seem rather controversial. we are all grey and we are all capable of both heroism and villainy. understanding this will help you create really deep characters.


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