Writing 3 In the past, every nation had discovered their own music.

Those times there was not a communication between folks,  so people were not able to share their national songs. But  nowadays there is huge interrelation between countries  and nations: folks can listen, share, combine music all across the world. Because of tight communication there was created new kind of music: like pop, rock, jazz and etc. And the old ones which only belongs its own nation they are called traditional music. In this essay, we are going to make clear why we need music and why traditional music is more important than international music.

 Music is a vital part of every human life.  Music can give us tranquility, enthusiasm, calmness, motivation , belief, power, and more other things . The newborn child gets quiet and sleepily when he listen to a lullaby.  This means that requirement for music is congenital. Also, we  can not imagine movies without music.

The viewer can feel fear, sadness, excitement, happiness with music easily. Music also helps people to know each other. Every human character just like was hidden inside of music. We can find out the disposition of human with his music taste. Traditional music of any nation has more importance for that nation.

Folks music it is not only just music but also it is one of the main element of the culture of the country. Traditional music is significant as they can help to realize the history of nation and ethos.  Unfortunately, nowadays traditional music seems less attractive to youngsters. That kind of music came from our progenitor`s creativity, their life tailor. Listening to traditional music is not compulsory, as the delight of music has changed, but we must protect them, popularize them and must not let them die.

 In conclusion, international music can give us a temporary enjoyment, but traditional music is important to apprehend history of nation and lifestyle of our ancestor.      


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