Writing as one of four language skill in English and it is one of the activity that the students do most in their study. Through this activity, the student can express their ideas, tell their own stories, and convey information, respond to the other ideas, and also they are expected to be able to create a good writing. Therefore, English teacher have to be more creative in choosing some techniques and materials which can make writing class be more interesting. It can be done by choosing technique and material that appropriate with student’s level. Series Picture is one of techniques which can be used in improving students’ writing ability. Series Picture refers to picture which is show some events or action in chronological order. This article shows the importance of using series picture in improving the students’ writing ability.

The method used is library research method in which the data was collected and gathered from some trusted articles. The result for this research can be seen in previous researcher have shown they were agree that series picture is very beneficial for students to improve their writing ability. Many advantages can be gained by implementing series picture in student’s writing ability. However, there are also disadvantages can be founded of series picture. Many things that need to be considered in implementing series picture in classroom, such as writing skill, writing process, pre-writing, revising or editing, proofreading, and the essence of teaching writing by using series pictures.

Key words      : Writing ability, Technique, Picture Series INTRODUCTION            Writing is one of the communication tools of human being and the improvement of writing skills is the key to success within and outside school (Haris, 2002). Writing is viewed as a means of communication which is commonly used to express and impress (Nunan, 2003). Writing skill is the ability which help the writer to share their ideas into words in a meaningful form. Writing skill also helps the student to gain their creativity, fluency in writing. In order to improve their writing. The teacher should be wise in choosing appropriate technique for students. In this era, the teacher more interested in using picture for teaching writing. Picture is very suitable as media in writing and also very helpful for the students in generating and organizing their ideas in writing (Heaton, 1988: 142).

One of the example of picture is picture series. Picture series is some pictures that can be used as two dimensional representation of person, place or thing. Through picture series, it can make the students more interested in writing because picture series is one of the visual teaching media that can improve students’ creativity in writing English. METHODThe method which is used in this article is Library Research Method where the writer collects the data from some trusted articles related with the use of Picture Series.RESULT AND DISSCUSIONThe Definitions of WritingWriting is an instrument of both communication and self-expression (Pincas, 1986). Writing has an important role when a writer wants to deliver a message to a reader for a purpose. According to Caroline (2003), she stated that writing is producing something in written form so that people can read, perform and used it.

It means that in writing process the teacher reinforces the students to produce something in written form so the other people can read it. In other hand, Celce-Murcia (2000: 142) defines writing as the production of the written words that result in a text that must be read and comprehended in order for communication to take place. It can be synthesized that writing is one of the tool for communication through producing something in written which contents with some ideas from the writer.The definition of Picture SeriesAccording to Wright (1990), stated that picture series are a series of pictures which show some events or action in chronological order. Amount of the picture series usually from four to eight pictures.

The content of the pictures sometimes tells about story but also be used to describe a process, for example how to make something. Picture series has several adventages to make students more interested in writing English and to be more creative because picture series is one of the visual teaching media (Smaldino, 2005:9). In the other hand, Fason (1991:146) stated that picture series should be colorful and varied, as colorful pictures intensify the use of the student’s imagination. He also said that pictures series as media in teaching and learning process will succeed if the pictures are related to the learning material. It can be synthesized that picture series are a series picture that shows some action or tells about the story in chronological order that should be colorful and related with the material to make the students interested in writing English.Picture Series in WritingIn teaching writing, the teacher needs appropriate method to make the teaching and learning process effective. Picture series one of the method that can be used by the teacher in teaching writing.

It is cause, pictures series will guide the students the activities from beginning until the end. It is like a story which presented in chronological order. It can make the students can share their ideas and they can also think together with their partner or group.

Through this technique picture series can increase the students’ creativity. The students will sharing their ideas or some information and try to solve the problem together. According to Anyasari (2010) the students can be easily generate their ideas to write when they get a picture series about the material that they are going to write. The events of picture series can guide the students in writing activity.  The source of the materials can come from several places depending on the material and it can be found from text books, magazine, or newspaper. The Advantages of Picture Series in WritingAccording to Curtis and Bailey (2001), there are some advantages by using pictures series in teaching writing activity.

1.      Students can easily compose a story because there are pictures that will guide them step by step to create a full story.2.      Students will feel relaxed in composing the story as they feel that they are playing with the cards (pictures). 3.      They are not being forced to build a story and their confidence gradually increases. There is also the other researcher who adds the benefits of picture series. Smaldino (2005:9) state four other benefits of using picture series in the classroom.

They are:1.      It will make the students interested in writing English, because picture series is one of the visual teaching media.2.      It will stimulate the students to develop and use their imagination so that they will be able to write well.3.      It will helps the students in expressing the ideas that they have in their mind become more readable.4.      It will improve the student’s motivation in writing.

The Disadvantages of Picture Series in WritingAccording to Sarni (2016), there are two disadvantages by using picture series in writing.1.      Students are not able to use oral language skill effectively. 2.      Using pictures series as media to teach writing is the teachers do not have enough time to teach and evaluate the writing process.

Components of Writing Writing has some components that is needed by the students to produce a good piece of writing. In this case, the students have to involve their creative thinking and their effective expression. Brown (2007) says a good composition of writing could be created if it measured up against the following criteria: content, organization, vocabulary, grammar, and mechanical considerations such as spelling and punctuation. The first is content, it is the main message with all the supporting details that enrich and develop the students’ writing topic. The second is vocabulary is words which are relevant to the topic, especially if they use the specific tenses.

Afterwards, grammar in writing is the tenses used in developing the sentences. The third is organization, it means that the structure of a piece of writing, such as the pattern and sequence that should be appropriate to the topic or the material. Finally, mechanics are the processes used in writing such as punctuation, capitalization and spelling.The Procedures of Teaching through Picture SeriesThere are some procedure in implementing picture series to teach writing. It is depends on teacher strategy in conducting writing teaching and learning process.

However, there are some procedures of teaching use picture series to improve the student’s ability in writing are: 1) Dividing the students in groups 2) Tell students to arranged jumble pictures into series picture. 3) Tell students to gain any vocabulary and information from the picture. 4) Ask students to determine the outline of each picture.

5) Giving a sample of the text.6) Having the students to identify the verbs used in the text. 7) Having the students identify the connective words used in the text.

8) Ask students to discuss the parts of the text.9) Ask students to discuss the content of the text by asking some questions 11) Ask students to rearrange jumbled sentences into a good text based on picture series. 12) Ask students individually write a text based on picture series.

 CLOSUREWriting has important role for learning and teaching process. However, there are some opinions which is said that the writing activities is one of the difficult skill that should be mastered by the students. So, the teacher have to choose an appropriate strategy that have to solve the students’ problem. As we know the difficulties that are faced by the students caused of the complexity of writing process.

Then, they have to comply some criteria in good writing text, such as should have good organization, sufficient content, correct grammar, various vocabulary, and appropriate mechanics. So, for this problem teacher have to provide appropriate instructional media. Picture series is one of an appropriate teaching media to improve students’ writing ability. Picture series are chosen since they are interesting and contain chronological order in sequence that ease the students to generate and organize their ideas in written form.

Therefore, teachers are suggested to be more creative in choosing and creating interesting media in order to success the teaching of writing. 


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