World War II  also known as the Second World War was the largest and most Violent global war which started on September 1, 1939 and lasted for six years. It was a battle between two groups of countries the Axis Germany, Italy, and Japan against the Allies, United Kingdom, United States, and The Soviet Union. There was a debate on how WWII started because there were so many causes, some say Adolf Hitler, the issues with the Treaty of Versailles, and The failure of the League of Nation, all could have caused the War, However there is not one major event that had led to the origin of the war (HistoryNet). The treaty of Versailles, the most important peace treaty that brought WWI to an end, was signed by the state of war between Germany and the allied powers. It resulted in disagreements with the Germans due to the harsh conditions. The Treaty of Versailles was seen as being too harsh, the allies were mad at Germany and decided they wanted to punish Germany for what they have done. Germany was responsible and had to accept the blame for causing WWI including the actions of its allies. Germany had to pay 6,600 million pounds for starting World War I.

This affected the German people. The people were poor and were not able to pay the amount. There were no jobs and the inflation was very high (historyOnTheNet). The treaty of Versailles demanded that Germany give up a large amount of industrial land which made it very hard for Germany to pay other countries back the money they owe, which then resulted in collapsing the German economy. This allowed the Nazi party to rise because the socialist party seemed to have no solution to the hunger and the economic problems. Germany’s military was almost disarmed, the troops were not allowed in the Rhineland, one of Germany’s main industrial region that bordered France.

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Furthermore, the military force was limited to just 100,000 soldiers. The air force was banned from having combat aircraft and the German navy lost nearly all of its surface ships and all of its submarines. Tanks were forbidden. The German army which was at one point the strongest army in the world was humiliated for the second time. Germany lost all of its overseas colonies. France gained Alsace-Lorraine and its resources in the Franco-Prussian War.

France also occupied the Saarland, which was rich in coal. Votes were held in other regions, with Denmark regaining territory lost to Prussia in the 19th Century and Poland gaining territory in both Prussia and Silesia. Perhaps most insulting was the Allied requirement that Poland has access to the sea, creating a strip that divided Germany into two parts. The league of the nations is an international organization that was set up in 1919 from the Treaty of Versailles, to help keep world peace. It was formed by countries such as Canada, Britain, and France. As a punishment for having started WWI, Germany was not allowed to join the international organization.

The league of the nation was successful at the beginning, but then it started to get weaker over time. The League of Nations was supposed to stop aggressor countries from attacking other countries. However, it failed to do so and the entire world was hit by a depression in the late of 1920s. The economy failed, trade is reduced, businesses were lost and the unemployment rose rapidly.  Japan was hit badly by the great depression, which made people lose faith in the government, so they turned to the army (HistoryOnTheNet).

The army invaded Manchuria in 1931, and at the same time, Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935. Germany wanted to test the organization out itself remobilized the Rhineland, a territory in which it was not supposed to have any troops. In 1936 German soldiers were ordered by Hitler to go into Rhineland with empty rifles, and was ordered to retreat if the French army would attack.

The French and The League Of Nation did nothing, This made Hitler become more successful than before.The league of the nations was seen as a good idea but ultimately ended up being a failure. Had Franch and The league of Nations told Germans to retreat from Rhineland, Hitler would not have continued with his plan.

Therefore the league of Nation is an important cause that leads to WWII.Germany at that time led by Adolf Hitler who was very racist and wanted to lead the world. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party of Germany.

The German people were unhappy with the government and they wanted a change in the power. Therefore, they voted for Hitler who used his propaganda to persuade them and promised them to rip the Treaty of Versailles (HistoryNet). So, Hitler became the power of Germany in 1933.  He began building up army and weapons.

In 1934 he increased the size of the army, started building worships, and build a German air force. Germany wanted to test the organization out, so it remobilized itself to enter the Rhineland, a territory in which it was not supposed to have any troops (RandomStuff)). In 1936 German soldiers were ordered by Hitler to go into Rhineland with empty rifles, and was ordered to retreat if the French army would attack (RandomStuff).

The French and The League of Nation did nothing, this made Hitler become stronger than before. The league of the nations was seen as a good idea but ultimately ended up being a failure. If the French and the League of Nations ordered the Germans to retreat from Rhineland, Hitler would not have continued with his plan. Therefore the league of Nation was one of the reasons for causing WWII. France and Britain were aware of what Hitler was doing, but they were worried about the rise of communism. Therefore, they believed that a stronger Germany would minimize the spread of communism in the western countries. Hitler broke the laws of the treaty of Versailles, by going against the military clause in 1935. In 1936, he moved his troops into Rhineland.

At that time, Hitler had a strong army. Therefore, it was not possible to stop him. France and Britain were not prepared to start another war. He then began to take back land that was taken away from Germany. In 1938, German troops went into Austria, where he then made an alliance with Austria and made a large nation. Hitler was unstoppable, he continued to invade new countries and no nation was able to stop him. In 1938 the Munich Agreement stated that Hitler could have the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia provided that he will not invade the rest of Czechoslovakia.

In the treaty of Versailles, it states that Germany can’t invade another country, but Hitler went against the statement and invaded Poland in 1939. In March 1939 he invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia. Despite calls for help from the Czechoslovak government, neither Britain nor France was prepared to take military action against Hitler.In conclusion, there are three main causes which led to WWII are the rise of Hitler, the Treaty of Versailles, and lastly the failure of the League of the Nation. After the end of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles which was imposed on Germany made it very hard for the German people to support the government which was led by the social party because of the huge amount of debt that the government had to pay to other countries. This helped Hitler to use his propaganda to have the people to vote for him.So, the combination of the Treaty of Versailles and the weak League of the Nation helped Hitler to rise and build his army again.

WWII had a very significant effect on Canada, socially, politically, and economically. Canada began to seek and eventually gain independence from Britain through various events (The effect of WW2 On Canada). In WWII Canada began to shape itself as an independent country. Those Changes impacted various groups in Canada and Canadian society as a whole. Canada’s troops were recognized for their numerous contribution to the war. Canadian troops were made up of black and aboriginal people which then advanced the civil right in Canada.

Canada became more tolerant and welcoming of armed forces, racism was still present but no longer an official restriction on who could join the Canadian military (The effect of WW2 on Canada). Women became more accepted in social roles such as force and army. They gained, even more, rights and equality for women of color such as beginning to work in factories, but were still not seen as equal. Postwar, feelings of sympathy and humanitarianism grew


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