Working as part of a group the task set out was to create a
poster/ leaflet and present it to the class. The poster must be based on a
particular area of social work and as a group,
the discussion was between elderly care or child
protection. After several discussions in the group, the decision was made to
research Child Protection. The entire class
was assigned to different boroughs and
the borough of Kingston Upon Thames is
where the group would do an in-depth research in child protection.

One of the tasks set
out as a group was to contact to the borough
of Kingston Upon Thames requesting information on child protection.  The decision was made to allocate a member of the Kingston group to attend the social services office to try and collect information to create the poster.  The initial plan was to turn up and request
this information and as a group, it was thought about thoroughly to assign a member to this task. I express my thoughts to the
group of how unprofessional I thought it
would be to turn up unannounced and with the council not having any
knowledge of who we are, they would not give us the information needed. At the time I was using my professionalism as I would
in my place of work handling service users private information and being mindful of who I would release information to. I felt
it was really important that as a group we understood the Caldicott principles
which reflect The Data Protection Act where information is given on a need to
know basis and given to who has the right to know this information.

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 Upon arrival,
the member of the group attended the social service office and was given any
information instead she was given an
email address to request the information,
equally the group should have called to book an appointment to speak to
someone in person, which would have been a lot more professional as in the
PCF1. As social work students requesting
information from another agency, this should be done in a professional and
appropriate format. Therefore attending
unannounced was a bad choice in which the group falls short of professionalism. 
However, one person in the group was
given the task to send the email requesting the information to create the
poster, the group showed professional leadership at that point linking to PCF9.

Several attempts were made to send the
email which came back as a disclaimer. The group was given a contact number and
a  member of the group tried ringing
several times and failed to get through to anyone. Upon critical reflection,
child protection has been under major scrutiny over the past couple of years especially
after high profile cases such as the death of Baby P. A  lot of agencies and professionals were
examined such as Haringey Council for there failing to protect Baby P according
to BBC reports. The children services of the Kingston borough had all right to
be reluctant to give this information because they have been criticised
themselves for previous failings which will be discussed further in this essay.
PCF6 As an agency, they also have a duty to adhere to legislation under sharing
information. I was not surprised they did not give any information because as an
individual working with service users, I have a duty to uphold confidentiality.

As the group was unable to collect any information
directly from the social services a research was carried out looking into the
borough as a whole and focusing on how they safeguard children within the area.  Their website was a great source which contains
there process as to when a child is first referred, the information found on
the website was applicable and was used to construct the poster. The Ofsted
report was of significant interest and most of the information used to create
the poster was the Ofsted report  2013
and 2015. The reports were of curiosity because there was a big comparison
between the years of inspection. As a group, the conclusion was to evaluate
both reports and make a comparison from 2013 to 2015 reports. The topics
discussed in the presentation was a brief introduction on what is child
protection, statistics relating to how many children under child protection in the
borough, criticism, charities,  organization
which works alongside the borough to help protect and safeguard children,
improvements, and legislation.

Taking both reports into account, the
group highlighted the areas for improvement in 2013 report which was rated
inadequate by Ofsted for safeguarding children in social service care. Kingston
Upon Thames was the only borough forced to give up the right to safeguard and
protect children according to the Evening standard published in 2012 after the Ofsted
report, in comparison to Haringey Council who was criticised for the death of
Baby p they were still able to hold on to the right to safeguard children in
there borough.  Ofsted inspectors highlighted
the action plan constructed after a domestic violence homicide, was not
followed and they found the councils response to children in care that goes
missing very poor. Kingston Upon Thames Ofsted report calls for an immediate action
for a more effective communication with the police when children are at risk of
danger such as domestic abuse, child exploitation and when they go missing from
home, the reports found too many children were victims of delayed protection
from harm. It is important that all professionals work together collaboratively
in order to have a more profound result in protecting children. The children
act 2004 outline encouraging multidisciplinary working and the borough of
Kingston falls short of this under the children’s Act of section 10, where
social work managers had not made any interest to attend to a woman being
abused in front of her toddler by her partner. Several referrals were made on
the women’s behalf by the NSPCC on several occasions but instead, the referrals
were taken home to read overnight which results in the woman’s death. This is a
risk that could have been minimised if the appropriate steps were taken. The
social worker lack professionalism underpinned by the HCPC, Data Protection Act
and standards was not being met under the SOPs as a social worker.

The department of education created children
bored to monitor progress, to ensure that all organization is working with
young children and families in the borough of Kingston Upon Thymes are working in
a more connected way to promote the welfare and safeguarding of children in the
borough.  The council leaders acted very thoroughly
to address the issues in the borough and a more experienced director of children’s
services was employed to tackle the current issues raised in the inspection.

Having undertaken an in-depth research in
the borough of Kingston Upon Thames focusing on child protection in a more recent
time frame. The borough made a significant improvement in 2015 in the areas
rated inadequate in the previous inspection. Researched into the Ofsted report
proved that, services provided to children and their families have been
transformed. Achieving for Children (AFC), the local safeguarding board (LSCB)
and the children’s services improvement board (CSIB) have worked
collaboratively and things have improved.  In the 2013 report, one of the areas for
immediate improvement was to ensure 
children are assigned to a social worker and clear assessments of there
needs and a focused plan to address those needs in comparison to their recent
report in 2015, children are assigned to a social worker who undertakes a clear
assessment and identifies any risk if the risk increased immediate referrals
are made to the appropriate agency according to the 0fsted report 2015.

Kingston Upon Thames and other boroughs
across London such as Southwark council, use the multi-agency hub MASH. This provides
efficient responses to referrals and contact, children with a need for child protection
are at the forefront and are assessed by qualified and competent social workers
within 24hours. The Single point access consists of a deputy manager, contact
information officer, health visitor and a service coordinator. The Kingston
Upon Thames website gives a step by step guide to reporting child abuse.

The findings established in the child
protection research was rather shocking and disappointing. It has made me more
aware of the type of practitioner I want to be and not to make those appalling
mistakes as a social worker. I found the research has made me more mindful of
how important it is to comprehend legislation such as the Standards of Proficiency
in social work practice. The research has made me reflect on the






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