The multiple intelligence is where I am really not that good at solving problems which are logical mathematical(rationality and logical), as they are very complex and it takes more time for me to solve those complex problems, I am really bad at verbal/linguistic(words and language) as I am really poor at English Language and I find it difficult to read and write it in a proper sentence and also I do not use the proper grammar and sentence structure, I am really horrible at listening to musical(sounds, tonal patterns, and rhythms) as whenever I hear the whole music I cannot identify the sounds, tone, patterns, and rhythms properly and sing the song appropriately which I just heard.Your Leadership Potential (1.2) As a head of major department at a corporation and leadership potential I have got management qualities because as a new leader I can operate myself as an efficient leader and influence the leadership quality to perform well by leading my followers to the right direction, so that the followers believes me and follows whatever I say to them. My leadership qualities can enhance performance very well and both of my sets of qualities are developed or improved with awareness and experience as I think equally and try to identify my follower’s weaknesses and try to find a proper solution to solve those problems, so that they follow my lead.

T-P Leadership Questionnaire: An assessment of Style: (3.1) The leadership orientation of my leadership style is more of people orientated style, because as a leader I like to gather lot of people in a group conversation and try to talk with more people and try to explain each of those people what their tasks are, however based on task orientation I am a person who dislikes doing tasks by myself and I try to avoid doing as much less task as possible, because the more tasks I have got the more it gets complicated for me as I can`t do more than one tasks at a time. That is why I focus less on tasks which are task orientated.Communication Apprehension: (9.3) I am more of apprehensive about communication than the average person, as I do not know how to communicate with my tutors in my class very well and I always have problem communicating with my tutors in my class as most of the time they don`t understand what I am saying to them, also I do not know how to communicate with my friends in the class as well as every time whenever I tell them anything they don`t understand me and when I tell them my problem over and over again then they understand what I am trying to say.

My Personal Vision (13.1) My personal vision is where I sometimes think about the positive outcomes that I want in my future like I have created very clear life goals and aims, in my life I do see a reason for being in London to study as I need to graduate, I do feel that I have a unique life purpose to fulfil my graduation and then looking for a job in London, however sometimes I do not think about the positive outcomes of my future like I just do something which causes negative effect in my life, however I do not realise that and later for that negative effect I suffer.1) The negative behaviours that I have noticed is that the people in the meeting are really tensed and they weren’t not being able to do work properly. So, I tried to reduce tension by using an automated phone system. 2) The people who were involved were my manager and one of the member of staff who was the receptionist. The ideas were to record transactions of patients on the computer at least 100 patients within thirty minutes. At first they were not satisfied with me at the beginning, but later on they were dependent on me and tried to help me with my work when they saw that I was able to manage the work properly.The groups tension level was really high and they were worried that I won`t be able to work properly, however later on there tension was reduced when they saw that I started to do my work properly and in a very organised way.

My level of personal influence is medium as I had interest in working at an clinic and I got the opportunity at Camden Eye Clinic, so I worked really hard and tried to achieve my goals by working properly.The right work is to make sure that one of the doctors are always inside the clinic, so that if any patient comes the doctors can treat the patients. The thing that I have learned about myself is that I have to be really fast in doing my coursework and also learn to pick up things very quickly when I am at the class and also when I am talking with other people outside of my class. The thing that I have learned of the perspectives on leadership gained through v Leader was to read the handbook first and try to actually understand how the scenarios are supposed to be played and later on try to play the practice mode lot of times till i understand how to actually play each of the simulation properly.3) The thing that I have discovered about the style of leadership that I most often use is that most of the time I had to play participative, because if I participate and other group of members participate then we could see that the task that our manager gives us, we could do it easily and within the time. Reflective 5, Reflective Learning Journal for v Leader Scenario 5: 1) The negative behaviours that I saw in Scenario 5 was when I right clicked on the idea of “Do Nothing” and passed the idea as that lead to all of the people in the room being annoyed at me(Corey) as I focused on it. So, I dealt with the negative behaviours by introducing an idea without any cost to you personally, for example, `I`m not sure if this would work, but what if we.

…..”.The other negative behaviours were the fears and concerns of others in the room, so I dealt with it by exercising a calming effect, took an active, took a visible role of what outcomes came to me, ensured the truth was conveyed to the press, and made sure that there was a positive vision of communication by encouraging a decision to rebuild or move the facility to the states.

 2) In my workplace at an eye clinic my team had suffered a serious crisis as they were unable to generate new ideas, because, most of the people didn`t know what their job was and how they were supposed to deal with the patients.3) By playing Scenario 5 I have learned that it sums up all of the previous scenarios from one to four that I have played and I applied it in Scenario 5 and also that in real life situation people sometimes have to stay calm, be visible, tell the truth, and communicate a vision for the future. I could apply this to the real life situation by staying calm even if I did my work wrong, I had to tolerate other staff members and take the total blame for myself even if some of the things wasn`t my fault.

 4) With a “real” leadership opportunity like this I would try to tolerate the blames that I would get from my manager as much as possible, then at a certain stage I would leave the job and look for another job i.e. if I find out that most of the blames that I got from my managers and staff members is not actually my fault.Re-Act 6: your quick response to Week 9 lecture video- Brunat Brown: 1)No, because whatever I am, it will never help me to improve myself and stand in front of the people, and if I don`t change then people may take advantages of me which will lead me not doing the things that I wanted to do. 3) Fully embrace your vulnerability means accepting the unknown and uncontrollable. The protective walls of perfection are removed. And our authentic self is fully present. While one of the greatest challenges, embracing vulnerability is also one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

Vulnerable means beautiful, they didn`t talk about executing, they talked about being necessary, the willingness to say I love you first, the willingness to do something where there is no guarantees, the willingness to call doctors after your memo gram, willingness to invest in a relationship which may or may not work. However, it was a trial, however that lead to breakdown. I hate vulnerability and I thought that this was my chance to beat it back with the measuring stick. I was going in, I was going to figure it out, I was going to spin the year, I am going to totally deconstruct shame and understand how vulnerability works and outsmart it.

However, as usual it didn`t turn out well.So that is why my one year turned into six years which lead to thousands of stories, hundreds of long interviews, focus groups, and people were sending her stories and journal papers in six years. First research came to my mind was being wholehearted. One thing they had was courage, cor means heart. The courage to imperfect.

They read that what being vulnerable means beautiful, they didn`t talk about vulnerability being comfortable not they didn`t talk about exercruing, they talked about being necessary, the willingness to say I love you first, the willingness to do something where there is no guarantees, the willingness to call doctors after your memo gram, willingness to invest in a relationship which may or may not work, I thought it was a trial at first, however that lead to breakdown, which in other word meant I was fully embraced with my vulnerability.


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