Women can do things to strengthenthemselves in social life. The most important of them is to be able to expressthemselves effectively in society.As we all know, women’s volume isless than men. Therefore, women can adjust the volume to express effectivelytheir emotions and thoughts. When women join a crowd of friends, they can makethemselves stronger by using an effective volume. As an example, my femalefriend who was studying in university could not express herself well among herfriends and felt unhappy, then she signed up to society at her university.

Thisclub was promoting women’s rights to people.Therefore, my friend learned how totalk. She has gained self-confidence by talking at his university.

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She is nowable to express herself effectively in every setting without paying attentionto the men and women in society. Strengthening comes witheducation. Education is the most important thing for women’s logical andemotional development. Women can create jobs for themselves by using theadvantages that education provides. For example, a female student who choosescivil engineering should know the business conditions very well because almostall of the people working in the construction field that are men. Instead ofworking on a construction site, she can create her own business area thanks tothe developing her ability to draw blueprints. On the other hand, women can geta job in this business area by getting a better education. They also gainstrength with the increase in their numbers Risk taking is an importantfactor for women to be empower themselves.

Women who do not feel successful intheir professional lives start looking for a change and then look for ways tomake it happen. For example, my aunt who works as an accountant in a constructioncompany, she calculates the financial co-operation of that company with othercompanies. One day, my aunt’s boss wanted her to make a business deal. But, sheunderstood that this agreement would provide no financial benefit. Later, shetook a risk because she confident herself and she made a deal out of her boss’swants.

When the boss found out that my aunt had made this deal, she got apromotion as company manager. So, she showed how women can make a difference.Women can empower themselves insocial, academic and professional life so, empowerment of women help toincrease the awareness of women’s importance in our lives.


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