Without denying the truth that fertility treatment offers new life to the couple, who are looking for away towards better living with their family or surrounding. In the medical field, there are ample oftreatment available that cures your infertility. One among all is the egg donation, which is used for IVFtreatment, surrogacy, and many more. For a woman, whose pregnancy is failed over and over, may lookfor the egg donor. It is helpful in the reproduction process which ultimately helps the infertile couple toconceive. The woman, who may have tried multiple cycles of test and not able to conceive.

Apart fromthe elder couple, menopausal woman as well as the young woman whose ovaries have been failed.The prevalent condition of egg donor in India:- Due to numerous death of thewoman after unregulating, unsafe and unhealthy egg. So while selecting the best egg donor, who canassist us with the best egg, and helps to re-build life of couple.

so Before using the egg donor, it is thefirst and foremost requirement to analysis or investigates the egg to prevent any forms of disease.Egg selection process: – interested egg donor is screen through several medical tests as well as herphysical appearance. We have made best effort to assist the intended couple with healthy egg. Wecarefully examine all sorts of illness as well as genetic disorder problem.What is the process for egg donation clinic in India:-with the help of ultrasound, thedoctor can see the development of the egg and once the egg developed completely? Further, yourpreferred doctor may guide certain instructed for ovulation by hCG injection. Within the gap of 2 days,the doctor invites you again for egg retrieval. As The donor allows to sleep on the bed and while she issleeping, the further doctor is going to use aspirin needle, with the help of ultrasound result, finally, theegg is retrieved. 30 to 40% of woman gets pregnant.

If a woman fails to become pregnant, then she isperhaps gone for another egg donation cycle.Who can be the best egg donor:- while choosing the egg donor, the doctor as well as thepatient have trouble to find the best egg donor, which can helps the woman to become pregnant. It isconsidered true that none of the egg donors is as good as your family relative, your sister.But if the family donor is not willing to assist with egg donation, one may choose for the voluntarywoman. However, there are woman with kind and compassionate felling may willingly ready to assistwith egg donation.The last alternative among all is the paid egg donor in India, a paid egg donor is thefinal alternative for the intended couple, who are looking for egg donation .the fees and charge dependsupon the consensus between egg donor or medical t team.

With the help of our medical team, we canselect the best or healthy egg donor, who is not suffering from any disease or may not have any geneticproblem.


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