Without these cases much of the progress our nation has made would be non existent.

We see just about every lasting effect of each case everyday. One of the main concepts of the constitution is the separation of powers among the three branches of government. Not one branch of government is above the law. This was asserted in the United States v. Nixon.  It showed that the powers of the three branches sometimes overlap and create conflict. It proved that every U.S.

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citizen is equal and that nobody is above the law not even the president. In another case once again it is being proven that all citizens are equal  and should be informed of their rights even those who have been arrested or accused for a crime, this is the Miranda v. Arizona. This case changed this country’s law enforcement and left a tremendous impact, that many have tried to revisit and change. At first people were outraged by the court’s decision because they feared that criminals would be let to walk free because it would interfere with how law enforcement interrogates suspects, but that was not the case here they found ways to interrogate them that would not violate the miranda rights. This cases it self didn’t change individual rights but it created new constitutional guidelines for law enforcement. It helped establish the constitutional liberties for people suspected of committing crimes.

The Brown v. Board of education was not simply just about children and education it was also about equality in a society that claimed there was among all. At the time of this case there were many civil rights advocates, men and women were staging sit ins, marching, and portraying acts of civil disobedience to demonstrate the lack of inequality they were getting.

It has had a huge impact on other cases similar to it. This case brought to the attention of many that the separation between education was useless and and did not help children’s education. Today, children of all races and color attend the same school whether its boarding , public or private school. Some of the most important turning points in American History have come out of these court decisions and many other cases.

All of these supreme court cases have had a significant effect on the nation and have totally changed how the governments runs things.  It has played major roles in all areas of society. Through all it’s court decisions it has established legal precedents, and has transformed the United States. It has had a huge influence especially in the area of civil rights and slavery.


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