With regards to the constitution
there are many different viewpoints that are held. I personally identify with
the liberal viewpoint on the constitution. Unlike the conservatives, the
liberals follow in the footsteps of the federalists from the 1780’s, believing
that the role of government is highly beneficial to society and welcoming the
changes that government has made in improving the lives of citizens, especially
those who are in a minority and venerable within society. Due to the restrictions
that the constitution has over the expansion of the federal government, the
liberals aren’t perhaps aligned with the constitution because the follow a far
more federal view than other viewpoints that would perhaps fit more so. Liberals
emphasise on the parts of the constitution that allow for every American to be
part of an equal society, such as the 13th,14th, and 15th
amendments to the constitution that gave more rights to African Americans, as
well as the 19th amendment that gave women an equal right to vote. Particular parts of the
constitution can be argued to support liberalist ideology. The amendment
process in the constitution can be seen to be supporting the ideology of
liberalism. The amendment process in the constitution of flexible, and allows
for change as the times develop. While it can be continually modernised as the
society changes, process of the amendments ensures that amendments cannot be
made to restrict the rights of Americans, once again supporting the liberalist
ideas as it protects the basic human rights. The flexibility of the
constitution strengthens it as allows for the constitution to change as the US develops.
For example, the amendments passed as the beginning of the African American
civil rights movement made the document more fitting for the way that the US
was developing. The constitution is based on a set of check and balances which
supports the liberal viewpoint as they believe that the checks and balances
system will prevent tyrannical leaders or dictators from coming into power or
leaders restricting the rights of the American citizens. The system of checks
and balances can be seen as a reason for the constitution surviving as long as
it has.  With this system in place it
strengthens the constitution and allows for a stronger government that focuses
on democracy, which is the original intention of Founding Fathers when they
came up with the constitution. Thanks to the constitution, the Supreme Court
has the ability to protect citizen rights and enforce human rights. One example
of this is the Hamdan v. Rumsfield in 2006 where the Supreme Court ruled that
trials of suspected Al Qaeda members at Guantanamo Bay as unconstitutional. The
constitution is further strengthened by the fact it is codified. This means
that it gives clarity over important issues and there for can be seen as a
higher law, one that remains important to the society that they live in and
remains as a strong guidance for the way things should be run in the US.Although parts of the
constitution support the liberal viewpoint, there are clear aspects of the
document that goes against liberalist ideas. Although the amendment process can
be argued to support the liberal ideas, as it is somewhat flexible, the long
and drawn out process of amending the constitution goes against what liberals
believe. Liberals believe that the constitution should be a ‘living document’
that as the society of the US changes, it does too. However because of its
difficulty to be changed, with only 27 amendments being passed in 230 years, it
goes against their views. This may explain why the constitution has survived
for as long as it has. It is essentially the same document that it was when it
was originally written because of how hard it is to change it. If it were
easier to change it is likely that the constitution would no longer remain to
this day. Its difficulty in being changed means the American people have become
dedicated to the constitution and therefore continue to carry out the wishes of
the Founding Fathers.  As liberals
strongly support the increased role of the federal government, the
constitutions emphasis on a limited government through the separation of powers
goes against the liberal view as their main belief is not supported within the
constitution. The US uses federalism as their
system of government. The use of the federal system allows for each of the 50
states to have power alongside the national government, rather then it all
being decided by the national government. Liberals are seen as heirs of the
original federalists, believing that there should be more power for the
national government in order for more nationwide regulations to be put in place
as well as services such as the Affordable Care Act which Obama signed into law
in 2010. Although the constitution allows for a federalist government system,
it limits the liberal ideas of a larger national government as it clearly sets
out the roles and powers in which the US federal government should have, not
allowing for the expansion of the government that liberals would prefer to see.
Due to restrictions that the constitution places on the government, Roosevelt
was restricted in his implementation of his alphabet agencies due to the
Commerce Clause. Federalism can be seen to be a reason as to why the US
constitution has survived for 230 years because it is suited for the ever
growing population as well as the diversity that is among its citizens. The
constitution ensures that each state is taken into consideration with regards
to policy, allowing the states a certain sense of independence and
responsibility that keeps them loyal to the constitution for as long as they
have. If the states had little or no power due to the constitution it is likely
they would be highly unsatisfied with it. Each state is very different from the
next and if they weren’t able to protect their own views on particular issues
the states would see that the constitution is taking away their beliefs. 


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