With this letter, I amvery glad to be applying for the Master of Science Programme in Hydraulic andCivil Engineering offered at the Grenoble Institute of Technology.

With mycurrent Internship on Garudeshwar Weir Project of Sardar Sarovar Narmada NigamLtd create enthusiasm within me with the scope for innovation and opportunitiesavailable in the field of Hydraulic structures.It has motivated me toopt for higher studies and enrich my scientific and engineering knowledge ofcivil engineering and hydrology and turn my focus towards their wide-scaleresearch and application of water resource management. By reading the programmedescription available online, I have found that the subject modules coveredwill best suited for my prospective career goals.I have chosen to applyfor Grenoble INP in International Master in Hydraulics & Civil Engineeringbecause it offers multidisciplinary approach to the technical aspects of waterresource engineering from designing to modeling. I really like its modulessystem of study. Modules like River Dynamics, Structural Design, Hydraulicswork will support my knowledge and bring me a stronger sense in implementingprojects. This programme will give me an ample opportunity to learn French withits compulsory language module which enables me to manage my daily life, meetnew people and create real opportunities after my studies in France itself.For me highlight ofthis programme is the six months Internship with its more than 250 industrialpartners.

It gives new insight to the course content completely and what theindustry needs. This will help in prompting my career to expand in this field.Above all, Grenoble INP has outstanding academic reputation world-wide and havebeen lauded among the best in France.During myunder-graduation in Civil Engineering at Heritage Institute of Technology,Kolkata,   I gained my initial exposureto water resource management through courses like Engineering Hydrology andWater Supply Engineering highlighting the importance of effective practices,applications and requirements of Hydraulic Structures. This area of studyinspired my On-Site Internship on a Weir project.

Here, I took upon the varioustasks and learned the different aspects of this multi-purpose project but withmy limited theoretical knowledge I find it difficult to understand certain mechanismand implementing my ideas to it. Thus I wish to learn and explore moretechnical knowledge with its research depth.Aside from my academicbackground, this area became of interest to me through my involvement inCollege Rotary Club and during my visits to the various drought affected areasacross India with them forced me to realizing the importance of harnessing theuntapped waters of rivers for the survival of millions of people withenvironmentally sustainable ways and this reinforced my decision to purse thiscourse with its objectives and outcomes.

Moreover I considerthis as a great opportunity to get in touch with French Culture and Educationsystem. I would very much like to spend my time in friendly atmosphere of theUniversity as well as the City. This would give me a chance to deepen myknowledge in the inspiring, creative and cosmopolite environment of one of thebest French Institute. Lastly, I am confident that my experience in Francewould be extremely exciting, fun and valuable for both my studies and overalldevelopment.Considering myacademic performances so far and my longing to enrich my knowledge in CivilEngineering, personal and professional experiences and as a determined andself-motivated person, I am confident that I will be an excellent addition tothe University and the MSc programme.

  Thank you for considering my application. Ilook forward to your positive response.  Sincerely,Syed Asad Karim


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