such increases in everyday use of new technologies, will also come evolving
daily trends and issues. There are a variety of problems and security loopholes
that can be encountered when dealing with such a broad network of concepts that
is changing so quickly every single year. Many people do not think about the
ramifications of everyday things like public networking, and often believe it
is more private and secure than not.

            When it comes to public networking, it can be quite easy
to post all sorts of personal information on a personal public profile, just
for the purpose of being able to connect more efficiently with others but often
times this can come with a plethora of consequences, compromised personal
security, as well as leaving oneself open for hacking.

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            The most successful method of hacking social media
profiles has been “phishing” which has empowered almost anyone to be able to
hack into an account in just a few minutes time. Phishing is the practice of
sending emails from what looks like a reputable company to induce people to
make their personal information available to the hacker. This is not limited to
sites like facebook, it could be any account, or even personal identifications,
addresses, credit card numbers, etc.

            With such a wide spectrum of people on social media,
everyone using it must remain more vigilant when surfing and accessing the
World Wide Web. Phishing is just one of many ways the sanctity of social
networking can be compromised.

            Stalking or personal information gathering has also been
shown to be a major security issue with social media accounts or networks. The
popular social network of “Snapchat” first showed up as a simple way of sending
friends quick pictures. Now, it has just released a new feature called “Snap
Maps” which allows users to actually find out the real time location of other
people who use the app.

of personal information gathering, children or teens, college students, the
elderly, and business owners remain as some of the vulnerable groups of people
when it comes to compromising important information about themselves. These
groups of people have always wanted to connect with their peers on a personal
level when it comes to profiling themselves. Now, with the evolution of social
media, they are left prone to leaving more information about themselves than
necessary, all to connect with their peers because they want to tell others
about their life. There have been numerous issues amounted from this, not only
for the young people, but also their caregivers or parents who end up becoming
affected by their innocent choices.

networking has also evolved substantially over the years. Today over 4 in 10
seniors 65 and older use smartphones while 67% use the internet… This is a
55% increase in just less than two decades (Pew 2017). According to these
statistical trends, one may draw the conclusion that the elderly are not used
to the advanced social networking since such an abrupt increase has occurred
over the years. This means they can be more susceptible to scams and

there are a lot of negatives that will always come with the evolution of things
like social networking, we must not forget the positives of new technology that
will always help us network more efficiently by any means available nowadays
from connecting with one another to enhancing a platform for work or business.

these interesting new networking applications is called TravelAi. It is a
system that gathers people’s travel information from their smartphones and
helps businesses identify trending modes of transport. Peter Lindgren,
TravelAi’s chief operating officer, said “We have developed software that runs
in the background on mobile phones to detect the mode of transport that someone
is using and their route, without requiring any interaction from them.”
(Huselyn 2017). This is just one type of example of the phenomena of new
breakthroughs in technology when it comes to the evolution of social

about transportation, unmanned aircraft has recently been used to attack a
Russian air base. According to Radio Free Europe, 13 armed drones were used on
January 8 to launch an unprecedented attack in the country of Syria, where the
Russians Defence Ministry confirmed that there were luckily no casualties
(2018). This puts into perspective, had this one differently, the extent of
damage that unmanned technologies can bring to the world.

the quickly changing nature of technology will always continue to bring forth
many challenges as well as amazing breakthroughs with regards to the way we all
connect with our daily practices. With these advancements, the people using
them will also have to come up with new ways of dealing with possible security
threats and flaws to protect the sanctity of users at home and abroad.

 This both the beauty and challenge that the
free market brings to an ever-changing society that leaves itself vulnerable to
different types of security breaches on a daily basis. 


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