Withthis letter, I would like to express my interest in studying MEng ComputerNetworks at Ryerson University as an International student. I have beeninterested in this program for quite a long time as I was always fascinated howcomputers interact with each other and share different resources. In thistechnological world, networks are being used in all the multinational and localcompanies to make their work easier. PreviouslyI have completed Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences from ComsatsInstitute of Information Technology which is ranked as the No. 1 IT Universityin Pakistan. It was my school time when the technology and gadgets attracted myintention and I spent most of my time in learning emerging technologies.Therefore after my college, I got admission in Bachelor of Science in ComputerScience after passing the entrance exam at CIIT Abbottabad. During thisprogram, I was introduced to the true span of Information Technology in everyaspect of life by studying courses like Introduction to Computer andProgramming, Computer Communication and Networks, Database Systems, OperatingSystems Concepts, Human-Computer Interaction and Distributed Computing.

Isecured 4 GPA out of 4 in Discrete Structures and Operating Systems Concepts.Inmy 5th semester, I studied the course “Computer Communication andNetworks”, which developed my interest in learning how the computercommunicates and share data over a LAN or WAN. However, it was just anintroductory course and I decided to opt for a career in Computer Networksafter graduation. After completing bachelors, I was appointed as an Intern inWeb Evolution Company for one year under the National Internship Program (NIP)on February 6th, 2017. Due to my developed interest in Networks, I decided towork in the Networks Support Department. During that time, I started learning practicallyabout different networks like LAN, WAN and their design and implementation.

Atthis stage, I realized that it is necessary to acquire advanced qualificationsfor higher managerial roles and for better lifestyle because I have onlystudied the introductory course of Computer Networks in bachelors. I visitedthe top-ranked Pakistani Universities and found that their computer networklabs are not up to date to meet the fast-paced technologies and industryrequirements. Also due to the excessive number of IT graduates the level ofcompetition in Pakistani job market has been increased and the employers preferpeople who have international qualifications from top-ranked foreignuniversities to be employed. It has convinced me to look for advanced studiesin Computer Networks from a foreign university.  Why Computer Networks at RyersonUniversityByeffectively using the internet for selecting the desired program, I found outthe MEng Computer Networks is perfectly aligned with my requirements and futuregoals because of the reasons followed. Firstly, the program is supported byCisco Systems and offers the internetworking skills that are high in demand inthe networks industry. Secondly, the department has industry collaborations tokeep up the industry-focused curriculum and provide the students with the lineof work vista throughout their study. Thirdly, after completing the Program, Iwill be able to pass the different industry certifications as required by theintended pathway.

Lastly, the Computer Networks laboratory has all the types ofequipment such as routers, switches, wireless controllers, security systems,servers, and storage to practice the necessary skills gained during theoreticallearning.Duringthe program, I will study 10 courses including 6 core courses and 4 electivesand a case study project in the third term. The core courses includeIntroduction to Computer Networks, Multimedia Processing and DigitalCommunication, LAN and WAN Switching, IP Protocols, Network Mathematics and Simulationsand Network Architectures.Future PlansAswe know, Pakistan is a developing country and IT sector has the huge potentialto grow in the coming years in each and every organization of the country.

Therefore I firmly believe that after gaining the necessary skills andqualifications, I have a great career prospects in the PakistanTelecommunication Company Limited and also in multinational companies likeHuawei, Elixir Technologies, NETSOL Technologies Inc., Nokia, Nayatel, Telenoretc. where the foreign qualified professionals are in huge demand as comparedto persons having the local degree.Myfuture plan is to work as a Network Engineer in one of the above-mentionedcompanies but with the current qualification, I cannot meet the eligibilitycriteria to get hired. That is why I decided to study Computer Networking fromYeates School of Graduate Studies, Ryerson University.

So, after having thenecessary qualifications, I will be considered the best fit for the role withinthe government organizations and multinational companies.Thankfor considering my request. I hope the provided letter will surely manifest mylevel of interest in this program to the admission committee. I am hoping forthe positive response from the Department.


I'm Erica!

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