” DIETHYLSTILBESTROL(DES):It was manufactured by multiple manufacturers, as it was never patented and was created with british public funds.In 1940, it has been highly used drug and it was recalled in 1975 due to pregnancy issues.DES was prescribed to the women to prevent the miscarriages and complications during the pregnancy. Until 1970, no case was filed, after that tumor was formed the daughters of women who had taken it, the drug was called off from the market in 1975. The FDA had prescribed the drug only to men to treat the estrogen deficiency in which it doesn’t create any side effects on them.

The case over the drug DES led to the landmark products a burden award that heavily changed how both courts and FDA approach oversight of medications with multiple manufactures.” CERIVASTATIN(BAYCOL):Maker: BayerRecalled: It was recalled in 2001, after four years on the market.financial damage: Litigation -related damages totaled $1.2 million.Cerivastatin (Baycol,Lipobay) is an fabricated individual from the class of statins which is used to bring down the level of cholesterol and consequently avoids cardiovascular illness.

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It causes to more than 100,000 deaths and about the same number of claims. It was severly associated with the muscle issue called rhabdomylosis. After the cooperation with gemfibrozil, the death rate was expanded to 16 to 80 times when related with different stains.” ROFECOXIB (VIOXX) :Maker: Merck : It was recalled in 2004, after five years on the market.Financial damage: $6 billion in litigation- related expenses alone.It is an nonsteroidal anti-inflammtory drug(NSAID) is used to treat osteoarthritis, acute pain conditions, and dysmenorrhea. It is the largest drug recall in the history.

The drug was prescribed to more than 20 million people as a pain reliever for arthritis, which is responsible for increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Due to the wrong consideration, both merck and FDA was ignoring the evidence before it eventually recall. After the LANCET was reported that as many as 140,000 people could have suffered from serious coronary heart disease from taking the drug in the US alone. Merck had settled nearly $1 billion in legal expenses.” VALDECOXIB(BEXTRA):Maker: PfizerRecalled : It was recalled in 2005 after just one year on the market.

Financial damage: Over $2 billion in legal award and expenses. Bextra is an non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which is prescribed to treat  arthritis and pain from other inflammatory disorders. Additionally, it causes a fatal skin conditions. Bextra was resulted in $1.8 billion in legal awards because it is one of the largest fines ever imposed in the U.S.

” TROGLITAZONE(REZULIN ) :Maker: Warner-Lambert Recalled:  It was recalled in 2000 after the one year on the marketFinancial damage: $1.2 billion in sales before recallIt is an ant diabetic and anti-inflammatory drug, and it is the first ant diabetic drug which is prescribed to the patient with diabetes mellitus type 2. It is eventually removed from the market, due to the late process in FDA.

” ABLE  LABORATORIES GENERIC PRESCRIPTION DRUGS:Maker: Able laboratoriesRecalled: It was recalled in 2005Financial damage: $103 million in annual sales before recallOn May 23,2005, all of research laboratories was evacuated because of inquires about the quality of the manufacturing process which developed by the laboratory managers were found to be distributing the fake and misbranded drugs and therefore it was put out of business.” TERFENADINE(SELDANE)Maker: Hoechst Marion Roussel(Aventis)Recalled: It was recalled in 1997 after 13 years on the marketFinacial damage: $440 million Seldane was brought to market in 1985 to treat allergies without causing drowsiness. It causes severe cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal electrical activity in the heart) and the drug was called off from the market. Following its recall, Hoechst was able to mitigate its damage by introducing ALLEGRA with similar drug without side effects.” PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE(PPA)Maker: It was widely manufactured across the industry .Recalled: It was recalled in 2000 after 60 years on the marketFinancial damage: Untold millions.

 PPA ,a psychoactive drug  which is not approved by FDA which is used to treat the psychological disorders. In 2000,Yale university recognized its connection with cardiac events and stroke especially in women. Later it was recalled due to these side effects.

” MIBEFRADIL(POSICOR)Maker: RocheRecalled: It was recalled in 1998 after one year on the market.Financial damage: $2.9 billion in sales within 4 years.In one year ,Posicor was linked to 123 deaths. When the Posicor was considered safe when taken alone, but it leads to death by combining with other 25 differnet drugs.  Late it was called off from the market.

This drug has citied a strong example of what can go wrong when drugs are rushed to the market.


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