With the rising of technology in every industry, Airline industry has a n innovative product for making every activity easier.

This innovation is Online Flight Reservation System, which has made flight ticket booking much easier than it was earlier.Flight Reservation System has helped Airline companies to maximize sales of tickets, increased number of happy and satisfied customers and also improving the brand image of company. In this era of globalization most travelers use flight as a means of transport. This has changed the demands of airline industry. Now airline industry needs a platform which gives prompt response and user-friendly. These all demands are met by flight reservation system.Airline industry has been transformed in the last few years.

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This transformation is resulted in online flight reservation system. It is supported by Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan which are the most used GDS systems. GDS system helps to enable a transaction between an Airline Company and travel agencies. Hence, it can be said that online flight reservation system has made the work easier of traveler and travel agencies.

Most of the airline companies have embraced this technology in the form of flight reservation software. Flight reservation software allows to book flight ticket online and payment on the same platform. It also allows comparing prices of different airline companies.Salient Features of a Flight Reservation System are as follows:Automated flight booking system with 24/7 supportEasy to use and user-friendly interfaceAccepts Multiple CurrenciesMultiple Language SupportIntegration of multiple payment gateways with the airline companyMultiple mediums of paymentsImmediate process of searching flight and bookingSocial media sharing feature for online marketingMobile and tablets responsive ticket booking systemFlight reservation system has increased growth in generating for online travel booking portals. With the advent of technology flight reservation system couldn’t be ignored. Top GDS such as Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus flight booking has become really convenient for end users and travel agents. Also increased number of online bookings and profits of online travel agents are the key factors for increasing demands of flight reservation software.


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