William Shakespeare is a well-known writer who expresses his understanding of human nature through his famous poetry and plays. One of Shakespeare’s most renowned plays is Othello, a play about a man’s love for a winsome woman that turns into a deadly jealousy because of a man named Iago, a veteran who wanted revenge for being overlooked and not receiving a big promotion. Othello’s love for Desdemona turns into jealousy which makes him emotionally unstable that leads to him destroying their relationship by provoking him to follow out poor decisions which ultimately leads him to his downfall. Shakespeare ingeniously implements and displays the consequences of unconditional love through his play Othello, proving that when one loves blindly, that it leads irrational thinking which may ultimately end in an atrocious tragedy.

    Shakespeare incorporates the consequences of love which is displayed when Othello becomes emotionally unstable when he “thinks} his wife is honest, and thinks she is not;he think that Iago are just, and think you are not. I’ll have some proof” (Shakespeare.III.III.

394-396). This made Othello very confused and became uncertain about what he felt as well as who to trust; his wife or his supposedly good and loyal friend Iago. In modern times, there are times where a person in a relationship may have a feeling that their partner is up to something fishy and they start to go crazy not knowing what to believe which in turn makes them emotionally unstable.

Furthermore, Othello becomes even more unstable whilst Iago shows him that Cassio was having an affair with Desdemona. Iago proves that Desdemona is cheating on him when Cassio supposedly acquired the handkerchief from Desdemona after having a sexual affair with her when the actuality was that he had randomly found it on the ground..

After Othello had received this news, he “falls down in a trance” (Shakespeare.IV.I.41) and becomes emotionally unstable as the new sunk in. This is also seen in real life when people who find out that their partner is cheating, they tend to become very emotionally unstable which leads to them feeling negative emotions such as sadness and despair.     Secondly, when one is emotionally unstable, it affects those around them and in turn affects the relationship between them. Othello’s instability of emotions lead to him taking his anger of Desdemona loving someone else and not truly loving him when in reality, Othello’s love for her blinded him in seeing what was really going on and realizing that if he truly loves Desdemona, he would trust her. However, this isn’t the case and Othello’s careless actions lead to them having a weaker relationship even though Desdemona clearly loves him which is shown when she says “So would not I.

My love doth so approve him; that even his stubbornness, his checks, his frowns—Prithee, unpin me—have grace and favor.” (Shakespeare.IV.III.18-21). This shows that Desdemona really did love Othello and even though he was mad, stubborn and abusive to her by slapping her; she just wanted to resolve this problem and go back to a happy life with Othello. In the real world, there are many cases where a person in a relationship gets falsely accused of doing something and no matter how hard they try to prove their innocence, their partner is very unconscious to the facts due to the jealousy and hatred produced from love. Othello does not realize Desdemona’s love as his rage and jealousy overflowed that he had become oblivious to this fact.

Another time, Othello rage had blinded him from seeing the reality was in the end of the play where he sat beside Desdemona while she was sound asleep and he said “It is the cause, it is the cause, my soul. Let me not name it to you, you chaste stars,it is the cause.” (Shakespeare.V.

II.1-3). This is when Othello is saying that he has to kill Desdemona or she’ll continue to cheat on other men, when in reality she has never even had sexual intercourse or any sort of affair with any other guy. However, Othello had hears this fact multiple times and it has been in front of his eyes this whole time but he is so blinded by the fact that Desdemona does not love him and cheated on him, that he is going to kill her to stop her from cheating even more with any other man. In real life, one sometimes gets so caught up in the fact that their partner have cheated on them, even if it is not true, that they severely disrupt their relationship and forever have in mind that their partner does not truly love them.Lastly, in the play, Othello’s emotional instability leads to him destroying his relationship with Desdemona as he becomes completely irrational due to the events he witnesses that coincidentally fueled his jealousy which in turn blinded him and made him carry out fallacious decisions.

This isn’t the only character, however, to make poor decisions.Lastly, it is seen throughout the play that characters who are blinded by the love tend to carry out poor decisions like Emilia, Iago’s wife. Without asking for a reasoning, she follows Iago’s instructions to steal Desdemona’s handkerchief when “she let it drop by negligence” (Shakespeare.III.

III.321), which would soon grow the seed of suspicion in Othello’s head about Desdemona being unfaithful to him. This is seen a lot in the modern days as people that are so in love with someone that they are blinded by what is wrong and what is right and will do anything for the one they love as long as it makes them happy. Furthermore when Othello is  finally pushed over the edge by all the conspiracies about his wife cheating on him with Cassio, he decides to make the worst decision of his life by killing his unconditionally loving wife while being so secluded in all the love he has for Desdemona that he believes by killing her, Cassio will not be able to have her nor will anyone and that he will do justice by “strikeing where it doth love” (Shakespeare.

V.II.24)  such a person with “whiter skin of hers than snow and smooth as monumental alabaster.” (Shakespeare.V.II.

4-5). In reality, people who do not know the truth about whether their partner is having an affair or not and assume that they are unfaithful tend to get notably mad at the person and decide to take revenge on the person or deliver what they believe is justice and sometimes go to extreme measures such as murder.    All in all, Shakespeare truly shows the consequences of love through his infamous play Othello, displaying that when one loves blindly, that it leads to irrationally thinking, and it may end in an atrocious tragedy. It is seen in the play that when one loves blindly, that they tend to get emotionally unstable which leads to them damaging their relationship and in the end, making decisions that can lead to their downfall. Shakespeare’s tries to communicate saying that one should be considerate when loving a person and should not let their emotions get the best of them.


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