Why We Fight is the documentary movie by Eugene Jarecki that presents rather captivating and educative information about military-industrial complex, its advantages and disadvantages, about wars and their impacts on people, about pain and grief that people cannot overcome even with time. The major question the director wants to answer is why America still fights; and actually, his answer deserves much respect and recognition. This is why it is not surprisingly that, in 2005, this documentary won the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. It is very hard to define whether military-industrial complex is a kind of a threat or a benefit for the Americans, as many historians have their own points of view concerning the American history; one of the possible ways to answer this question properly is to examine the historical event such as the Watergate scandal and Woodward and Bernstein’s participation in it, and clear up how the Government may affect people’s future and whether they do care about the safety of their people. Military-industrial complex is really vast and has unbelievable influence on our military and our policies, so that can easily determine who all Americans actually are.

To my mind, this movie does not give a clear answer whether military-industrial may be considered as a dangerous threat for the Americans, even if it is based on some economical or political issues. Even more, some historians and politicians admit that this military-industrial complex provides certain maintenance and rising of the American spirit to develop, to win, and to conquer this world. Unfortunately, people, who do not lose relatives during wars or terroristic attacks cannot really comprehend how terrible and painful the outcomes really are.

Of course, these people may support, condole, and even cry, but still, the real pain may be evaluated by those, who lose and suffer. The Watergate scandal and the participation of Woodward and Bernstein may serve as a good example of how a good work of journalists may change the minds of millions of people and open their eyes on the reality, people live in. These two great reporters, Carl Bernstein and Robert Woodward, were the firsts, who were able to crack the scandal and present enough information about Nixon’s resignation.

They did care about people, they did want to clear up what was the reason of such duties’ neglecting, and they did help people to see how dangerous the political affairs could be. Political affairs and intrigues may create so many difficulties for ordinary people. Some misunderstandings between the representatives of different countries may lead to numerous deaths and loses. People have nothing to do but fight and protect own land because of some mistakes, made by the Government. It is necessary to admit that military-industrial complex has certain influence on the American life: sometimes, it may encourage taking really significant steps, sometimes, it may put under a threat democracy we live in and even our lives.

So, why do people fight? For freedom? Eugene Jarecki hints us that it is not true. We fight because of certain business issues, which are so important for our Government. The development of the arms industry, the military-industrial complex, wars, and innocent deaths – all this will help America to develop, but whether it will be worthwhile? To get the best solution, each person should ask this question to him/herself and answer sincerely.


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