Why you need to record a call before the call get over? Most of
the time, when the call is related to your work, you don’t have a pen and
paper ready to note down important facts and data as you can’t remember the
things word to word. When you get threatening phone calls from an illegal phone
number. While performing the business deals. In all such types of conditions
you always require a call recorder. And the best way to get it from a Google
play store. This App provides you the easiest way to create, record related
to all your phone calls and organize them. As it can automatically record your
call while calling. You can search a particular call view all your conversation
in a list, group by name, date, time. You can play back your call or can create
a database of it on your SC storage.

List of best call
recording applications for android phone users

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Automatic Call Recorder

After getting installed to your Android phone this
app automatically recodes the call encountered to your phone. This
app provides the facility to record a call or to ignore it. Even you can share
or add informative notes to a record.

 Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder is the most commonly used call recode app by the
android users. As it provides a lot of functionality to its users
like having the facility to record all outgoing as well as
incoming calls. User can recode call automatically or manually with the help of
this application. You can save your recorded on Google drive with the
help of this app as it integrates cloud service, a best known
technology to manage data. This app has ability to support WAWE, Mp3,
AAC, 3GP file formats to save your call records. Along with all these features
it also provides a feature of auto delete, which delete all the old
call records to manage your phone memory.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Automatic Call Recorder Pro is a more advance recording app with
additional advanced features like this app start on shaking your Android device,
a more interactive feature add by its developer SMSROBOT. It provides best mp3
sound quality. This app has best phone memory management as it provides filter
having options to select which call is required to be recorded. You can
avoid the recording of unwanted call. It also provides you
the option to share your recode with the family and friends.



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