WHY IS STRUGGLING IMPORTANT FOR GROWTH?In financial terminology – The easier the formula for growth, the difficult it gets to practically reach that level. It is rightly said that, ‘Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.

‘ And, ‘Where there is no strength, there is a lack of growth’. Struggles inspire us to make things better, grow as an individual, stay dedicated and focus on our desires. A person who has struggled in his/her life has finer leadership qualities than someone who has had a convenient life all through. Life is not a cakewalk for few. Some have to struggle even to achieve the simplest of things that we think is a mere thing to acquire.Coming to the most common example that we, as youth, face today. Taking up a new job or dealing with a cranky boss is bound to create anxiety; At that moment, for people who perceive negative out of the situation might land up in a soup.

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This may even put their job at stake. But for a fighter, this is just a new challenge. This person will find ways to handle this awful situation.

Finding faults in others and dwelling on that fact is a cowardly act. A true leader will sail through turbulent waters to accomplish his/her targets. For such people, there is no looking back.

That is when a person grows. Mourning over failures will only create a stigma around you. Successful people believe in taking feedback, accept adverse comments with grace and never give up. Life has one lesson to teach us very sternly – For people who think low of themselves, the world will pull them down. For confident and strong headed individuals, there is no chance that someone will lay a finger on them. Growth happens when one surpasses stressful life situations.

It comes with patience, perseverance and focus. When the sun dawns, the day becomes fulfilling and brighter. The fruits that we bear in the process makes life worth living. Sometimes, there are instances where people prefer playing safe. Marking the same in bold, Growth comes with taking risks. Have you ever heard of a successful entrepreneur who has never taken risks in life? If there exists such a human on this planet – then he is surely lying.

Entrepreneurs live riskiest lives than we can ever think of. But, do we ever see a streak of fear on their faces? Do we ever hear them saying, ‘What if the business doesn’t run?’. NO! If people like Tata, Birla start thinking this way, then they have everything to lose.

Time does not matter. To be success, you have got to keep on being a success. You have to maintain that mark, stay abreast with new technologies and methodologies of conducting business activities as per the customer’s requirements.All that we see in a successful person is their victory.

We will never know what all they had to go through to embark this feat. Growth and struggle go hand in hand. Just like they say, ‘There is no replacement for hard work’. A strugglers life is full of hard work. The harder you work, the closer you get to growth. Having a strong belief, a clear mind, well established plan of action might help you get out of a troublesome situation.

It is certainly not essential that everything goes as per the plan and that’s where the journey of challenges begin. Tough times teach the best of lessons. And a tough person withstands all hassles without any tantrums.Just like changes, struggles are inevitable part of life. It doesn’t matter whether you are struggling at workplace, home, school, college, studies, coaching class or wherever. What matters is how you approach the hurdle. Handling efficiently portrays the level of maturity. An eminent psychologist aptly said, ‘Learn to be free of the good opinion of others.

‘ After reading it the first time, it is bound to leave anyone perplexed. Further explanation of the phrase will bring forth the beauty of this statement. Think about it – If you can be free of the good opinion of others, when they offer a bad opinion, you can choose not to accept it. Live your dreams, stay determined – come what may. Life will throw you in a box full of your wishes. In the process of struggling with a smile, you won’t realise when you ultimately have everything that you always wanted. As a child, we always felt growing up was painless.

In those years when we were growing up, we know how lovely a child’s life is. Age is just a number. If we apply the same to our thoughts and perceptions, then a struggle will never seem like a struggle. It is just a part of life.

Everything passes. And ultimately, WE GROW!


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