Engineering is an area of study that has transformed the lives of humans in this world since nearly all things that make life worth living, from leisure activities to medical treatment, require aspects of this field of study. Because it adds value by means of realization of the technological progress, it has a major impact in the day-to-day lives of the majority of us. In a limited period, it has transformed the way we have been looking at things in the past and it is inevitably going to shape our future for years to come as the world continues to advance in knowledge and science. Engineers belong to one of the respected professions in the world today and I want to part of this awesome team. Engineering has been my passion since the days I was a child.

When I was on holiday, I used to pay a visit to my uncle, who is an electrical engineer. He could teach me advances in technology and I was usually enthusiastic to hear more from him. My parents introduced me to computers at the tender age of five.

From then, my love for electronics has been blossoming year after year. My choice to enroll in this engineering class is not a shock to those who know me, as some of them have mockingly referred to me as “the engineer.” Studying engineering will also give me the flexibility and choice I need as I pursue my education.

This field of study offers several choices that are all exciting and are in high demand in the job market; therefore, this is a great choice that I have made since it will open up many paths for the future. In addition, since engineering trends have greatly benefited the society, I want to part of these team who strive to make life comfortable for everybody. Enrolling in this class has several advantages to me.

First, I will benefit from intellectual growth. Since studying this course will compel me to work on several transferable skills, it will enable me to grow and improve my ways of thinking. Moreover, I will learn different topics apart from engineering per se; therefore, having more useful skills will further develop my problem-solving and critical reasoning as a person.

Second, every person likes a good challenge, to some degree, as life would lack meaning if there were no challenges to be tackled. Engineering is a challenge since I will encounter fascinating problems that need my creativity and logical reasoning in solving. In the real world, challenges do not have the correct answer, thus the engineering challenge will adequately equip me for this. Although I intend to learn more about engineering in this class, I know some things about the subject. Engineering, as the technical improvement of products by finding the solution to complicated technological problems, entails the knowledge of mathematical and natural sciences gained by study, experience and study, and this knowledge is what is being applied with judgment and creativity in the technical improvement of products. I also know that engineers work through the application of the concept of modularity, that is, splitting a big problem into a set of smaller problems, for developing engineering designs so as to minimize the chances of not achieving anything.


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