WHY SMART FACTORY IS NEEDED NOW?We all know automationhas be around for so long but, why all of sudden, investors are interested insmart factory. It’s because of the advantages its provide than traditional one•        Provides competitive edge over competitors.•        Improves supply-chain network. •        Decentralization control of production•        Capacity to provide cutting edge product design.•        Integration of shop floor network to management. Competitiveedge over competitors Smart factories has always been a dream formany companies due to mass data storage, network bandwidth cost, computingpower, artificial intelligence, machine self awareness, etc. the wait is overdue to recent developments and reduction in prices. Its has become a realitywhere companies has invested in smart factory and those who has made aninvestment has a advantage over competitors in these areas which willeventually improve company profit.

Improvessupply-chain networkSince globalization hasbecome a key factor for trading and purchasing of products, companies has founda way to reduce the cost of products by shifting manufacturing plant into hostcountry/concern continent .These shifts are integrated with demand from thelocal, international customers, low labour cost, resources  and supply chain . Due to these changes companieshas found a solutions to logistics, reactiveness and agile.Capacity toprovide cutting edge product design.Its goes by saying “notwo products are same”, this goes same for the customers who are interested inone type of product while others are interested in another type of product. Forthis very same reason there exists modular machines, these machines are popularbecause they share same structure but with little tweaks new type of setup canbe produced  which will in turn help newproduct (we don’t have to build machine from scratch ). In smart factory, machinelearning can decide which type of setup is needed for what type of product, sothe final product is build faster than the conventional method.

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Integration ofshop floor network to management.One of the tediousjobs is integration of shop floor to management. This procedure is like alifeline of the whole factory. It provided a hustle free communication fromworkers to the top management.  Factory isnot just made up of white collar employee but there also exists both skilledand unskilled labours who keep production running. So this is vitalcommunication for smooth operation.Benefits ofthe smart factory Smart factory programshould orient itself toward the company goals.

It addresses wide range of categoriessuch as Energy efficiency, quality, material, labour and maintenance costs,safety. These categories, among others, may increase benefits to the company suchas low product ordering times, increased market share, and betterprofitability, product quality, and labour force stability. Regardless of whether,it’s the ability to demonstrate how successful the smart factory is going to beif investments are made and creating confidence in investors for futureinvestments.


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