Why writerschoose children to be their narratorsWriters usechildren as narrators because children are different compare to an adult whichis already grown up and have so many experience in life. A narrator is a personor someone who narrates something, it can be language, word, hands signs or anactor or character of an event of a novel, story, history or poems. writers usechildren as their narrators in adult literature, poem or book because most of thestories are about family mistreatment, family crisis or societal issues rangingfrom feelings, like griefs and love, through politics and culture, for exampleof a story by Frank O’Connor “first confession” about a boy that hate isgrandmother because she from the past the way she dressed eat walk aroundwithout shoes is all different from him and what he learned and also love hiselder sister more than him by giving her money all the time, the boy alsowanted to stab his elder sister with a bread knife trying to defend himselffrom his sister which lead to his confession on church.             Most writers usechildren as narrators because of what children experience at their young age,for example story about “A Meeting in the Dark” by Ngugi wa Thiong’o. about aboy that his parent gave birth to him before getting married which wasconsidered as a taboo in the community and the father don’t want his boy to gothrough same experience with him but is already late because a girl was alreadypregnant for the boy and he ended up killing the girl by mistake under theinfluence of shock and not knowing what to do because of his reputation in thecommunity. But most writers use child as a narrator because of their voice, asa child perspective is limited that why they are observers, “without an adultvocabulary a child language can’t be creative and strong”, they have an effectivetone and they are persuasive in a cleaver way that an adult narrator cannot expressedsome point that will capture the attention of the reader, because the main pointof a book or story is to capture the attention of a reader and get them to participate.So, using a child as narrator is give the writers a chance to capture the audienceattention because the voice of a young child leaves an adult open to expressionor disapproval of something about the story on the book.

A child viewpoint can helpchallenge the way people judge other people’s actions so the writers use a childnarrator through their on point of view to tell or narrate a story about the experiencethey have as child while growing up or history of people they have encounter orhad experience with. most writers think writing from the perceptive of childviewpoint is act of freeing someone or something from another person control,but some find it more extremely emotional and sometimes upsetting because it allowsreaders to learn from the story, if the story is about child abuse they willlearn more about how to love and take care of children even if it not theirs.                                                Conclusion Writers use children as their narrators because of child’sviewpoint the way they see and view things going around them, though they mightnot understand what going on around them and might not be able to be involve inthe act, but have certain advantage to observe and see it different becausethey have some instinctual knowledge which adults might not have the ability tosee.


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