Thegrowing crisis of noncommunicable diseases in the South-East Asia Region. Lastaccessed on 2011 Sep 2. Available at http://www.searo.who.int/LinkFiles/RCPHD_fs-4.

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pdf .ReferenceAccording to the diagram above, Healthypopulation tends to promote healthy lifestyle such has: Exercise, eatinghealthy, promote non-smoking environment and sex education. Preventing risksfactor such as: promoting healthy lifestyle like exercising better, eatinghealth, quitting smoking, or promoting smoke cessation classes for smoker toquit smoking, early detection of cancer like going for mammogram, earlydetection of HIV such as going for HIV test. When you are dealing with population with a lot ofrisk factors, public health professionals tend to promote health educationslike abstinence from sex, to let people know how abstinence will save you lotof headache from all kind of STD, educating people about having protected sexto prevent HIV infection.Health promotion measures areoften targeted at a number of priority disease – both communicable andnoncommunicable.

Communicable diseases such as: HIV, STD and Tuberculosis.Non-communicable disease such as Stroke, Heart diseases, Cancer and Diabetes accountfor 80% of mortality rate every year and major contributor to global burden.70% of heart diseases, stroke, 80% of Diabetes and 45% of cancer can probablyprevented by eradicating, risk factors such as smoking, lack of exercise andpoor diet (WHO, 2011).Public health professionals can build public policyon encouraging government to ban importation of tobacco and tobacco product to reducescancers, respiratory tract infection and other complication associated withtobacco use.  Also by promotingenvironment that foster healthy eating habit by encouraging government toreduce the number of restaurant allocated to a particular county and makingsure what the are feeding people with are healthy stuff. Public healthprofessional can encourage Non-Governmental Organization to provide support toareas affected by ay disease outbreak, for examples by providing treatedmosquito net for people in Democratic Republic of Congo, publicizing protected sex(the use of condoms among teenagers) in Rwanda.

Also by advocating for peoplethat can’t help themselves, defend or care for themselves for examples peoplewith developmental disability.Health promotionmeasures are often targeted at a number of priority disease – both communicableand noncommunicable  Ways public health professionals promote and enhance thehealth of the people       NationalUniversity.COH 601,Ademola Olatunbosun.


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