“Who so ever kills a human being it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and who so ever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved all mankind”(Qu’ran;Al Ma’dah:32). I firmly believe Pharmacy relates to this quote from the Qu’ran as it is an area of science which uses the scientific knowledge of how different chemicals work together to manipulate the body’s components while simultaneously contributing to an individuals well being. This appeals to me immensely as pharmacy will provide men the opportunity to make a significant contribution to society.I am deeply intrigued by how the evolution of science has contributed to the advancements of medications, such as how they function and the way they influence society.

The development of antibiotics have changed how society see certain diseases like Tuberculosis. Medicines are not only used to save lives but also to improve the quality of lives of many. The production of insulin has given millions the opportunity to live stronger, longer and free of suffering. It is the huge influence the Pharmaceutical industry has on society and the numerous opportunities it provides to improve an individuals well being which strengthens my belief that this is the career for me.Through work experience placements in a number of pharmacies, I have observed many of the essential practical aspects of a career in Pharmacy, including the processing of prescriptions and the importance of communication when discussing issues with drug administrations with members of the public.

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From my work experience placements I also learnt the importance of patient confidentiality, especially when seeing individuals receiving medications such as Methadone. I quickly realised the major influence a pharmacist has on society and certain patients, as well as seeing how it’s the front line of health care.Also through certain family members and close friends relatives with mental illnesses who receive medication from a pharmacy regularly; I know of the major side effects that giving the wrong dosage of medicine to the patient will have on not only the patient, but the patient’s family too. Over the years this has made me aware of the vital reasons why we Pharmacists need to be on the ball and have a sharp eye for detail.Working at a youth club where I have helped a number of school children with their homework and allowed them time and space to relax, this has allowed me to develop leadership and communication skills. It allowed me to communicate with children from diverse backgrounds and enabled me to boost my confidence. This was highly rewarding as I became more patient and resilient from dealing with different difficulties the children were facing.

For example one particular child was struggling with his anger and I alongside a few other mentors taught him how to control this anger and to be patient. Many of the skills I learnt are easily transferable to working in a pharmacy as I would be dealing with different patients coming from different backgrounds with different problems.Outside of school I regularly go to the gym 5 times a week with a goal to remain active and healthy which shows I am dedicated if I put my mind to a set goal. I have learnt to read and understand Arabic by attending weekly classes, this shows my willingness to learn new experiences and I believe that this skill will benefit me in the future as life is full of various new experiences.The whole of my academic focus has been to build a broad understanding that can present the best pathway to my desired career in Pharmacy.

I believe I am an independent and focused individual that is passionate about applying their knowledge, creativity and energy to diverse and demanding situations. Pharmacy is a highly rewarding career, both academically and emotionally, and I relish the opportunity to study such a dynamic and stimulating course


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