While researching about Technology and its effects on teens and students, I have found a few interesting online articles which included statistics and background information about technology and what technological advances we have in America. One interesting article included the background information on technology, like how technology flourished over the 20th century. Another article included how technology affected students studying habits with statistics proving why. The final article I looked at showed how technology affected teens moods and how teens have mood swings if they see something on the internet that they didn’t like. All in all, my goal in this research paper is to show how technology negatively affects American teens because it distracts them from school work and affects their mood.I wanted to look at the background of technology and how it became such a big thing and I found an article called, “History of Technology” found in the Encyclop√¶dia Britannica. In the article technology is phrased as “the change and manipulation of the human environment”.

Technology brought new ideas and advances to America and other places around the world. Technology is used in various different jobs, such as ceramics, farming, industrial advances, and science. Technology also made advances in transportation such as planes, cars, and buses. Technological advances made planes more fuel efficient and made communications much easier. Technology is also used for advances in agriculture such as building structures and foundation. With the advances is building structures, technology further influenced people to keep advancing it.

“By the mid-century technology was defined by such phrases as the means or activity by which man seeks to change or manipulate his environment” (Robert Argus Buchanan). Robert Argus Buchanan is saying that since people were getting so influenced by the advances in technology that they took apart to and the people wanted to make a change. The technology was made to speed up the process of nearly everything and was made as “add-ons” to machines to make them work faster. This leads to why technology made such a great impact on America and the rest of society, technology can make nearly everything faster so it made more people lazy and mood swings.The next article I read talked about how technology affected students studying habits. In the article, “The Effects of Social Networking Sites on Students and Habits”, by Tolga Gok, it talks about how technology could be more of a distraction to students than a benefit.

“Social media is important to communicate with people share/ask information, and follow/evaluate/interpret the events, etc. for everyone at the present time” (Tolga Gok). Tolga Gok is saying that technology helps with communications across other people and other students which also helps get information across faster and easier, but it could also be used negatively as in cheating. Tolga Gok integrated a quote from Boyd and Ellison Hakoyama stating, “Social media has really become an integral part of people in daily lives” (Boyd and Ellison Hakoyama). This quote from Boyd and Ellison really shows how technology is so important and glued to our everyday life that it sometimes has a negative effect on us.

Seeing something that you didn’t like on the internet or on a social media site could change your behavior or emotion in a matter of minutes. Tolga Gok also implemented a list of problems from Dr. Wang about how technology affects teens.

Many of the problems with technology would be “anxiety, behavioral changes, mental health problems, psychological effect, severe loss of personal productivity, stress, a severe guilt, and crisis”. All of these problems come from technology. Some of these problems are more severe and serious than others. Anxiety could cause panic attacks which could lead to heart failure. All of all technology is not good for such a young person’s mind. The following two articles I’ve read talked about how using social media which is linked with technology could affect the minds of young teens and college students.

The first article, “How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers” by Rachel Ehmke talks about how using technology to access social media sites may affect teens. Rachel states that “For one thing, modern teens are learning to do most of their communication while looking at a screen, not another person.”. Before social media and technology, there was a lot more face to face interactions. Friends would actually hang out and go to the mall instead of at staying at home and texting one another.

Technology is ruining teens social skills and it will affect them forever. Learning how to make friends in real life instead of making friends on some social media account is a big part of growing up. Some friends will a part of your life forever and some won’t, but that’s the whole point of life, going through ups and downs. In Rachel’s article, it also talks about how if you have real friends it helps with your self-esteem and you will be happier. This leads to the next article, “Information and Communication Technology: Effects on U.

S. College Students” by Michael Massimino and Michael Peterson. In this article, it talks about how technology has a heavy impact on U.S. students. In the article, it states, “Among the people affected by ICT (Information and Communication Technology) are young adults, specifically college-age students.

” The people who overuse ICT are heavily impacted by it because it makes the mentally and physically unhealthy. According to the article, the most heavily used form of ICT was cell phones. Technology, in general, is really bad for students because it seems like a really strong distraction. To conclude technology made a huge impact on American society mentally and physically. You may think that technology is a great thing to have because it helps us keep up to date on everything, but it causes a huge distraction to young teens and students who overuse it. If technology is used at the right time it would benefit us, but when it is used as a distraction it becomes a con. All of all technology is really bad when it is overused and abused in the wrong way.


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