While reading Freud’s Civilization and Discontents I got toread about Freuds, interpretations on human nature and his thoughts oncivilization, sex and aggression, guilt and other responses and his impact andSubsequent views. Freud viewed the main checks on his human condition as a “warof every man against every man”.

He also, felt that humans needed strongcontrols imposed from without by powerful ruler. Freud interpretation’s leadhim to believe that human potential for destructive aggression to lie withinand a tyrannical conscience imposing its burden to irrational guilt. In thispaper I will discuss Freuds interpretations, how it differs from what Iexpected, and what my opinion on his interpretations. Freud has many theories and assumptions on human nature oneof them were his thoughts on Civilization as a Control.

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He felt that civilizationwas based on socialization of human instincts, and that it controlled realisticdangers. Civilization was something Freud believed was caused by random destructivenessof natural events, the feebleness from our bodies and maladjustment in relationships.Freud felt that technology controlled the majority of our civilized communities,it extended human sensory capacities through microscopes and telescopes,technology controlled how fast people got from place to place at high speed by usingmotorcycles, airplanes and any motorized vehicle. He felt society was being controlledso much to where he gave his key points on why he felt through innovation,individuals have turned into a kind of “prosthetic God.” Socialassociation likewise has advanced.

The subjective will of the most groundedindividual, forced in primitive circumstances, ends up noticeably tempered bythe will of the lion’s share of an edified group. Magnificence, request, andtidiness approach considerably higher measures in enlightened social orders.Directions recommend how undertakings are to be expert with dreary accuracy.Time ends up noticeably accessible for higher mental exercises, for example, philosophicaland religious concerns. Real advance in handling physical dangers to presenceis unquestionable. These advantages have been bought, in any case, at asignificant cost in lessening the potential for human satisfaction. Anoteworthy assignment of socialized social association is that of controllinghuman senses of sex and hostility keeping in mind that they show themselves inmurder, assault, and interbreeding.

The very establishments of humanadvancement lay on the concealment and redirection of such wants. These wantsare intense and determined. The undertaking of controlling and diverting themis a troublesome and agonizing one.Freud’s second theory in the book was ┬áhis views on Sex and Aggression, he believed that


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