While doingextensive research about a number of different subject areas that had sparkedmy interest, I found myself becoming more and more intrigued by courses thatare focused on business.

Learning about this field has fueled my determinationto study a course in it. My ever-growing enthusiasm for this area only servesas further motivation to find out more about the inner workings of anenterprise and its management, as well as develop new ideas and suggestimprovements. As I observeglobal economics everyday by reading newspapers and online articles with anemphasis on this along with learning about various elements of it in school, mycuriosity has been piqued by the way it ties in so seamlessly with all aspectsof our daily lives.

By gaining insight into the world of business, I aim toidentify issues in this field and to provide solutions to the problems thatarise. My academicrecords show that my hard work has allowed me to excel during all my years ofschooling, and maintain very good grades in a school providing generaleducation indicates that I am a well-rounded student. I believe that choosing Geographyand Psychology alongside Mathematics, German and English in my matriculationexamination will greatly aid me in my endeavors. Geography is extremely usefulfor this course because I have learned about economics, which is the main focusof this class during the last four years of high school, and how it affects theways that businesses are run. This subject not only relates to the currentclimate of the business world on a global scale, but also drives me to thinkabout how it can be changed and improved. Psychology is another subject that Iconsider to be of great relevance to this course because it has taught me aboutreasoning, decision-making and the behavior of people and crowds. Mypre-academic paper entitled “The Significance and Use of NonverbalCommunication and Body Language” links these concepts and describes why theyare relevant to fields like business. Mathematics has helped me to betterunderstand how to analyze and interpret information, and English and Germanhave taught me how to reproduce this information in an organized and coherentmanner.

 A challengingdegree such as this one is a perfect fit for me because I bring dedication anda passion for this course to the table and I am committed to my work.Throughout my entire academic career, I have proven that my studies are my mainpriority, but have never failed to find a balance between school and variousother activities that have helped my build my character and acquire skillsapplicable to this subject. Receiving theopportunity to visit my family in Nigeria last year shaped my worldview, andexperiencing a country so different to Austria has immensely heightened myawareness of global issues. By spending time in this country that strugglesincredibly with corruption and embezzlement, I have been inspired to makechanges in all parts of the world.

The importance of taking up a role in mycommunity has been shown to me by helping my family in both Abuja and Vienna. I have learned totake responsibility and been able to further develop my organizational skillsas a class representative, member of the school ball committee and volunteerfor school events. All of these positions demonstrated the importance ofleadership and management to me. Having jobs in vastly different industries hasalso allowed me to take a peek behind the curtains of the business world, aswell as gain invaluable work experience.

I was able to apply knowledge Ialready had and compare business theories to real-life situations. With my degree, Iaspire to one day achieve my goal of running my own company that offers afriendly and efficient work environment and to really make a great impact onthe business world.


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