Whetheror not the United States should give everyone the right to health care is avery common argument in politics. There are many pros and cons, just like with anydebate.

However, I think the pros outweigh the cons. I am for universal healthcare because it will save more lives. Also, if the U.

S. has health care foreveryone, it would be good for economic productivity. Overall, providingeveryone with health care would benefit our country.              In countries with the right tohealth care, on average they are living two to three years longer than U.

S.citizens. Health care would not only help lessen the amount of cases of smallillnesses but much more serious ones as well.  Since the United States does not give everyonehealth care, people often decide not to go to the doctor because of expenses.When people decide not to go it can lead to even more illness and unfortunatelydeath. In 2009, Harvard conducted a study which discovered that there is a 40%increased chance of death if you are uninsured. For this reason, I believe weshould provide health care to all citizens.

            Even though a major downside touniversal health care is the amount of debt it would put on our government, itwould turn out positive in the end. If people are able to afford to go to adoctor, there will be less illnesses spreading. This means less people wouldmiss work for illness, which would allow them to contribute even more to theeconomy. In a recent Institute of Medicine report, the United States can loseup to 130 billion dollars a year because of the amount of people sick, which wouldoccur less if everyone had the right to health care.

Universal health care canalso encourage people to start their own businesses. Many people are afraid oflosing their health care provided by their job, so they do not follow theirdreams and become an entrepreneur. If we were to provide health care toeveryone, self-employment would increase up to 3.5%, according to a study.These major economical benefits explain why giving everyone the right to healthcare would overall benefit our country.             In my opinion, I think the U.S.

should provide universal health care. Providing health care would not only helpour economy but also keep more people feeling well. Universal health care is anoverall great idea and our government should start to provide it.

For thesereasons stated above, I think the United States should give everyone the rightto health care.                          


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