When the child starts to pick up language? He starts earlier than mostof us think and ends much later than we think too, because there is an end ofsound and grammar acquisition, but there is always some new world learn,therefore, it is an ongoing process.The child starts learning language by imitation and experimenting with babbling,then he  uses a one word sentence, next atwo word sentence, and later a whole sentence where he begins to expand his languagewhich is not confined to speaking, but also to reading and writing skills too.Many scientists studied languages acquisition and developed theories aboutvocabulary, discourse, and grammar acquisition which is not just applicableonly to the English language, but also to other languages too.

Literacy is notrestrained in its use in education or at work, it is part of our everyday lifein malls, restaurants, and even within the same families where literacypractice is encouraged to help the child to grasp and understand the use oflanguage, to have confidence in delivering deliver his messages properly in writtenand spoken form, and to express his intentions and personality according to theimage he wants to deliver to the people around him.The orthography system of the English has its downsides which cause somedifficulties that the child needs to overcome to have a good command over thelanguage, but it has its upsides that simplify the learning of this language.Currently English is an international language that is not just used by nativespeakers but also by non-native speakers. Through the course of  learning English there are different andcommon problems that both speakers face because two third of the childrenaround the world are born in bilingual environment.The language was among the first inventions of the human being, it hasits various systems that represent every nation around the world in its culturesand accomplishments which have been passed on  through generations. allowing the newgenerations to express their own time by their own terms which gives thelanguage new words and uses, caused the language to change constantly accordingto people’s need.

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The theories about language acquisition were an effort of many scientiststhat study one language perspective at the time grammar ,discourse…etc. Gettingthose bits and pieces into the jigsaw of language acquisition gives us the bigpicture and its complexity and wondering  nature.


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