When I think of heroes, naturally I think of strong, intelligent, handsome, and daring people. When I have time to think about them, qualities other than these come up. Bravery, loyalty, honesty, and being a giving person tend to be paramount in the qualities of being a hero.

What is generally thought of as a hero changes as humans thoughts and physical states evolve. The standards to become one have dramatically risen due to widespread reading of comic books, what used to be considered a hero would no longer be enough. Any given citizen could become a hero for saving one’s life; it doesn’t necessarily have to be millions of lives saved.

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Heroes are not represented real people with realistic capabilities, but instead they’re fantasy figures. Adolescents become solely interested and obsessed with said fantasy figures due to their ability complete such tasks as: strenuous adventures, slay dragons, discover hidden treasure, and saving the world through their courage and selflessness. They are capable of hardship and danger, which is enviable to a young impressionable child. At the end of the story, said hero learns morally sound lessons about perseverance. To a child, heroes are people who change the world. Besides comic books, another type of hero emerges.  Some of the poorest individuals living in poverty live with a goal to succeed.

All their lives they’ve been put down, and they do what they have to do to become what everybody doubted they could. Escaping the dangers of poverty is enough, even if they can’t attend college. Despite the monetary struggles, drug-happy Butler 2and crime-heavy environments, and educational difficulties, their goal to top their expected outcome fuels the fire.In order to figure out the definition of heroism, it’s critical to know what a hero is made of. First of all, heroes have occupations, just like normal people.

For example, doctors are considered heroes in some situations. Their job is to save lives, so it is only expected and only considered heroic under certain circumstances. If any given doctor were to save a drowning child in a fast flowing river, they become a hero. In this case, they are out of the already-heroic environment of the workplace, and is only made a hero for his/her bravery and willingness to throw themselves into danger for the sake of someone else.

 Therefore, a hero can be any regular, old person regardless of their career.  Above all, heroism is more about what they do for others rather than who they are. Therefore, a hero must have the willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of other people.Heroes come from anywhere and everywhere. Heroes do not have to save someone or defeat evil. Heroes can simply come from deeds of altruism, such as all of the sacrifices parents make for the benefit of their offspring. Some of the characteristics and features of a hero include fearlessness, goodness, modesty, reliability and tolerance as well as persistence, commitment, loyalty, fortitude, and stamina among others.

Heroism requires people that attempt an adventure with many tests manage to conquer said challenges to meet their goal. One of the biggest challenges a hero may meet along their journey is the possibility of failure. Most people are petrified by failure and rejection, and if they were put in such situations, they would most likely give up and turn their backs. Butler 3The contrast between heroes and those who never reach that is their understanding that failure is not falling down, but failure is staying down. In The Dark Knight Rises, Gotham would have never had a chance of surviving if Batman hadn’t pulled himself up for the greater good.

These people understand that no matter the cost, their purpose is greater than comfort. Their goodwill and bravery gives them the strength to march on, even if there’s only a slight chance of winning. They take this small chance of success and manipulate it to their advantage until they finally get what they need to achieve for other people they may barely know.Anybody can be a hero, as long as they possess the courage to overcome their own personal fear. In some cases, they even use their “kryptonite” as their new strength. However, there is a line not to be crossed with using that for others, or against others. Heroes don’t have to be well-known, although some are.

Acts of heroism can arrive anytime and anywhere, since it is rarely expected of humans, and nine times out of ten comes as a surprise. Heroes are unexpected, and are really appreciated after they become heroes. Vincent Van Gogh was never recognized in his life.

His art and expression inspired many people after he was long gone. Although he suffered greatly in his life, he continued to make art. The stories of his life and the context of his art has made millions want to push through for the sake of what they love.Although many could be considered heroes, people are often too insecure or humble to self-proclaim. The term “hero” is often applied to Superman and Batman, Hogwarts attendees,  and even to people without fantasy powers who are still capable of amazing things: Police men and women, heart surgeons, entrepreneurs, scientists, nurses and educators who aid the disabled Butler 4in living lovely, full lives. Yet for some reason, when we think of heroes, we rarely think of ourselves.

The truth is that anyone can be a hero, and many of us are already on hero’s journeys. Just like a book, there is a sequence of events a heroic event usually follows. First, the call to action that starts the journey. Next is leaving ordinary duties and reality altogether, then the climb that a hero must undergo to reach the final battle. Last is a resolve and trip back to reality, and new life begins.

Heros may be given different tasks, a unique gaggle of people to support each other, and a new environment, but there is a trend in these things that make up the adventure.That may be a let down at first, since it rips away a bit of induviduality to the characters, and induviduality is highly valued by most in today’s world. On the other hand, it’s empowering! Due that common archetype being everywhere, heroism can also be found in allof us. After all, art imitates life– the real experiences that many can realte to and recognize. Even if the stories are made up or outlandish, they are made to give people something to relate to just as much as they are for stimulating our imaginations. All heroes are inspired by humanity. The ordinary. People don’t really have to have magic or special gadgets to help the world be a better place.

Someone just like any of us can achieve all of those magnificent things.To find the heroism in us, we all have to ditch our comfort zones, rise, endure changing  experiences, heal, and repeat. This pattern in nearly every wife of a wounded warrior I’ve ever met: Womenn face providing specialized personal care for their partners without expecting anything in return. It’s the same way for the husbands of deeply traumatized women. My grandma would easily consider my grandpa to be her greatest hero. He’s my hero too. This all circles back to the definition of heroism. Heroism simply means great bravery.

Bravery to endure anything that requires it. Through dilligence and a bit of grit, it can be proved that triumphing everyday challenging is heroic. Heroism isn’t necessarily all about honor and celebrity. It also classifies as aiding, mending, and consideration.Fantasy heroes simply inspire. They inspire those who don’t already consider themselves to be a hero to step up to the plate, slay metaphorical dragons, and reach goals we may not even know we have yet. As long as we answer the calls to action, we can become heroes. It could be in the form of being asked to let our life plans fall apart to support someone in need or leaving stability for happiness, we can jump off the diving board.

Your whole life you will learn to overcome, so who’s to say you can’t become a hero? Who’s to say there’s a limit to the ability of anyone? Depending on your definition of heroism, your life’s journey may change. What do you want yours to look like?


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