When someone mentions about Thailand, they always remind me its capital, Bangkok.

It was around March of 2017, my sister and I took a short trip to Thailand with two destinations, and Bangkok was one of them. Every year Bangkok attracts millions of travelers around the world just simply because there are endless activities to do all day long, even nighttime. And we were trapped by that reason, but don’t get me wrong, I love Bangkok. If anyone ever asks me to describe Bangkok in one word, I would tell them “Colourful” because the whole city has full vibrant hues from multi-colored vehicles and sparkly unique tall modern buildings to beautiful golden temples that can’t be found elsewhere.

When stepping outside, even very early in the morning, be cautious of the heavy hot air would hit right at you because Bangkok forecast could either get hot or extremely hot all year long. My sister and I had to remind each other all the time to constantly drink water to keep ourselves hydrated from the humid and strong heat waves created from high exposure of the sun. Not to mention, walking in a large crowd full of people under a warm weather, it’s also very easy to faint. And so, we didn’t really do much walking during the daytime. We were almost like nocturnal creatures, we took naps after lunch and go out at night when the sun is down.Many people say that Bangkok is a chaos and pretty dangerous city due to its actively overbusy.

But in my opinion, it is a city that never sleeps and full of wonderful curious spirits that seek for incredible moments. Indeed, it is an intense city, traffic jams would start from very early in the morning till late night and the noisiness from people talking and walking around can be overwhelming, but still giving Bangkok an exciting look. And in fact, you could even hear million cars horn beeping in the major streets all at once, trying to get out of the terrible jams.

Believe it or not, that’s the reason why Bangkok is also known for one of the congested cities in the world.In many reasons of all, street food stalls and souvenir bargains are among some of the highlights that should be on everyone’s bucket list once coming to Bangkok. As an Asian, I have to be honest that there’s no better way to experience Asian food than eating it on the streets. Yet, every corner of this place is blessed with an infinite food heaven that you’ll find all sorts of noodles vendors, snacks vendors, fresh juice vendors, desserts and many more vendors for cheap. When in fact, you could actually smell their deep fried chicken, a light sweet and sour aroma of the pomegranate juice, or a scent that smells like a freshly cut pineapple from the metal carts on wheels that are pushed to different locations nearby.

In the same way as souvenir bargains, Bangkok is also famous for being the paradise of shopping. Every single step you take, you’ll see small stands that they sell souvenirs in different sorts of clothing, fashion accessories like sunglasses, hair ties and or that. Also, bargain is kind of like a tradition when you want to buy anything on the street or even in the small shops inside some of the big shopping malls, except wholesale. So, remember to bargain and negotiate the prices because the sellers mean to give you the price that you need to bargain!!Thailand, a land of smiles.

On the other hand, Bangkok is an enchanting city with full of contrasts. I came to Thailand with no other hope besides getting to know the life and culture, and I really did learn a lot from Bangkok. It was really amazing to experience all unbelievable moments with the loved ones from walking under the hot sun along with traffic jams on the roads and admiring their stunning architects to being scammed. A truly unforgettable memory.


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