When is enough, enough?, Plastic Surgery main objective is to give the patient the option to reach to desirable choice that he or she wants to enhance any of their body parts whether it be breast enhancement, facial contouring, facial rejuvenation, etc. Plastic surgery surgery is concerned with the maintenance, restoration or enhancement of one’s physical appearance through surgical and medical techniques. So much people have been switching to plastic surgery as the main option method to enhance their looks in the last decade or so. With so much people choosing plastic surgery, one has to wonder, is there a limit to all of these plastic procedures? Plastic surgery is there to give the normal person the desirable choice they want enordal to enhance their body, and most of them don’t regret the decision, but is too much enhancing going to cause the worst possible outcome? Plastic surgery is so modernized, popular and overused in today’s society that many people neglect the many consequences that can occur after plastic procedures.

Why do people switch to plastic surgery? For some they really need plastic surgery for emergency reasons, like to save a life; but for most people it’s simply just wanting to look attractive or enhance a body part they want to fix. There’s Nothing wrong with this decision as long as you know what your getting yourself into. We live in a society where people are judged by how they look, dress, talk, for the most part society is involved in our decisions. We see a person on tv, or any sort of media with wide, hips, big bosoms, and chest and so we too want to look like that because it’s what society sees as attractive. Like the kardashians many people switch to plastic surgeons because they want to look attractive by enhancing their body.

There nothing wrong with this right?, if the person feels like they want to change their looks so they might look better and feel good about themselves then there shouldn’t be a problem with switching to plastic surgery, the only problem would be if the person continues with the procedures with no results. Peer pressure we get from other people or what society wants us to look like may get worse if you don’t like how you look, after so many  procedures. Plastic surgery is a perfect way for things to go the wrong way possible, because you’re changing the physical properties of your body. Do people actually get better after they proceed to plastic surgery based on these numbers.

The truth is that there’s more to plastic surgery than it defines. The choice of plastic surgery shows that you want to become a happier, better person, but too much much enhaning will become too much for your body to handle resulting in you having health risks that you’ll keep for a longtime. So much people are switching to plastic procedures, that it worries many psychologists and surgeons like Anne Wallace, chief of plastic surgery of University of California, San Diego states that  “many patients do not fully grasp the gravity or potential risks of these operations. “People think it’s like going out to lunch” (Goudreau). And for the most part she is correct.

People don’t think about the bad things or dangers that could result because of plastic surgery. They hear all of these other people going through these procedures thinking that they too can become like that. There’s more than just changing how you look, there’s a full spectrum of unintended physical looks, emotional, and cultural side effects that you may have to consider twice about going into plastic procedures (Goudreau). Many of the problems that can occur after plastic procedures include causing the body to not be balance by multiply enhancing certain parts of your body which could make certain body functions to not function right, causing emotional distress if their not satisfy with the outcome or just not emotionally prepared which could cause stress, fatigue, which ultimately leads to depression, or simply for the most part worrying about the response of other people, and how they will respond to you after  plastic surgery result, and many others affects that could happen before, and after plastic surgery. One of the major problems that could occur after multiple plastic procedures are unexpected changes to your body, like the lack of functioning of a particular body part of yours, due to overuse of enhancement of that part. Most people would do anything to change a certain part of their body, and if they are not satisfied with the results they will keep trying, and trying again which then causes for the body to be unbalanced resulting it shutting down other parts of the in those parts body losing their functions. Many people have done many plastic procedures to a certain procedure’s hoping for it to get fixed, but sooner or later they found out that it wasn’t. One woman named Marilyn Leisz, as shown below in (figure 1), did as many as thirty plastic procedures to only on her eyes, and the results didn’t come out as expected, one may wonder if the first two to three plastic procedures didn’t help anything why continue? There’s a limit to when too much enhancing is enough and many individuals including this wom, Marilyn Leisz don’t realize this.

It’s even worse in this situation that the procedure couldn’t fix her eyes for first three tries, but she kept coming back trying to fix her eyes. The idea that plastic surgery provides is great, but there is a limit to everything including plastic surgery, stop before it gets worse.Figure 1According to Forbes, “the Hidden Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery, “Marilyn Leisz thought she was undergoing a simple procedure to her eyes; 30 surgeries later she is still unable to blink” (Goudreau). With as simple as just trying to fix your eye, too much of it can result in the worst possible outcome because so much muscles were changed in the eye that it resulted in them not functioning then they should be. Leisz can’t open her eyes or even close her her eyes due to the numerous procedures on the eyes that damaged the muscles within in. This makes it difficult for her for her to do to regular basic things like  fall asleep, as she can’t blink them, or shut them.

Leisz even has the guts to try to sue, or blame the procedures, but it was her fault for not realizing she was doing these many procedures. Just like how Marilyn faced, she didn’t realize what too much enhancing of your body will do to you, and many of the people that switch to plastic surgery won’t realize this until. they had multiple procedures of plastic surgery. Leisz like many people neglect the consequences of plastic surgery because in their minds, if it doesn’t work the first time, maybe next time it will work. I could Imagine how terrible she has to live her life, knowing that she can’t sleep, and live, the “normal” life that she planned to be. Marilyn’s desire to have the perfect eyes, suddenly turned into a nightmare she won’t forget before of her negligence for the consequences of plastic surgery.

Don’t blame the surgeon, because they did something that you decided, doesn’t matter if he or she didn’t tell you, but if your on your 10th try and nothing if working, why continue. Everything has a limit, and as well as plastic surgery, it’s your job to know when is enough, enough before you pay the consequences that you didn’t sign up for.    Unexepected mood changes could also arise after plastic procedures, feeling disappointed about your looks, which then leads to depression. Some patience may come out of plastic procedures, and don’t like they’re appearance may cause them to go back to have multiple procedures resulting in not having the happiness they wanted before.

This then starts a cycle of multiple procedures, with the same outcome of nothing changing and nothing getting better. If the situation is not getting better after 5 tries of procedures why continue knowing it won’t change. It’s important to realize that plastic surgery is not perfect, but many fail to realize and feel like since they’re not what they want to be anymore, and can’t go back they started to be depressed and may go even as far as thinking of commiting suicide this and soon start feeling depressed. Once you’re disappointed with the numourse procedures, as well as paying a lot of dollars you start calling yourself awful. As more procedures go on, with no solution and you keep calling your ugly, awful, and saying to yourself that you made yourself look like that, than it start to head into depression, which can then lead to suicidal thoughts.

A woman named Laura Pillarella, shown below in (figures 2, and 3), who is a personal trainer, massage therapist and yoga instructor went to these same stages because she was dissatisfied with how she she looked after multiple procedures.                             Figure 2                                Figure 3″Laura Pillarella before multiple Plastic Surgeries”                          “Laura Pillarella after Plastic Surgery”    According to an article titled, “When looks can kill”, states that “Laura Pillarella was hugely disappointed the first time she had ­plastic surgery. The naturally-attractive, but insecure, young woman had hoped the procedures to remove the bags under her eyes and insert a chin implant would improve not only her looks, but also her life.

They didn’t.” (Naish)    This basically tells us that by only simple tasks as removing the bags under her eyes, inserting a chin could result in a dissapointment, if they don’t turn out as expected which could srt the cycle of stress, and depression. and making her look like a person she didn’t want to look. These were only the first stages as she keep coming back trying to fix something that isn’t being fixed. Since she sees herself as beautiful, it resulted in her taking multiple surgeries, and more trying to reach the goal she trying to get, but would forget that the more she tries, and is disappointed the higher the depression will get over time.

This just gets to show you that it could happen to anyone. Plastic procedures ar not always going to be perfect, and these accidents are perfect examples of that, but it’s your job as a patient to realize that if it’s not working after a numerous number of times, I should probably stop before things get worse. You may not go back to the way you were before, but continuing will only make matters worse. After taking multiple surgeries with no result, it was too much her her to handle, as stated, “Finally, after her 15th procedure, a plastic surgeon told her the real ­problem with her looks was that she had had excessive amounts of surgery. It was too much for Laura to bear. After ­spending more than £40,000 ­trying to be ­beautiful, she seriously thought about taking her own life.”(Naish)This was a result after taking so many procedures.

Your self-esteem becomes weaker, as you look at yourself after taking a plastic surgery. What pillarea and many others don’t realize is that plastic surgery isn’t perfect. People are obsessed on how they want to look, and forget how they’ll look after so many procedures. This obsession than leads to disappointment in the results, while also taking multiple procedures still trying to reach the beautiful face she wants.

Sooner or later she’ll get even worse, after she realizes what she has been doing to her face big mistakes and then seriously starts to have suicidal thoughts. By being more alert of what you doing, determining if enough, is enough than you know when to stop, before matters go worse, just because you wanted to fix     Some people say that it’s their body, they can do what they want. They believe that they can use plastic surgery, anytime, and as many as they choose.There have been multiple reports where multiple procedures were need to save a life. One prime example where numerous number of plastic procedures are need is when life is at stake. Horrible accidents happen every day, and when life is in danger or it’s an emergency then it’s needed for multiple procedures to proceed if it means saving the life.

Situations like these are when it’s need for multiple procedures because so much tissue, and bone structure has been lost. A woman named shannon, had a horrific accident in gym class that required her to have multiple procedures. According to CNN iReport article, title, “My plastic surgeon saved my life”, it explores how shannon went from having half of face to a full face with multiple procedures. Shannon states, that “At the end of the day, the impact from the metal baseball bat crushed the entire left side of my skull barely missing my temple and left eye, which most likely would have killed me or left me partially blind. Dr.

Posnick and his team of amazing surgeons put my face back together with one surgery, a titanium metal plate and three titanium screws. He saved more than my face, he saved my life.” (snives)Since most of her tissue, and skeletal structure were basically gone, it was only natural to add more. However this can’t go  the same way as to a person who already have they’re tissue and skeletal structures intact. Shanon is going to feel like she is being depressed, or that her functions are not going to work due to multiple surgeries because there isn’t anything to change.

All the surgeons did was fix something that wasn’t there, while most people try to enhance something that was already there, causing new problems to occur after time if it is done numerous of times. The idea of plastic surgery is being used perfectly in these situations because lives are actually in danger. We focus so much on how we look like, but fail to recognize what’s really good for us.

Plastic surgery is supposed to be a way to help us, not the other way around, but it’s us who first have to make the decision of when to stop if it’s truly not working, or making us worse than we were before.     So I asked the question one again when is enough, enough? When is too much plastic surgery is enough to a point when you can’t even looking at yourself without looking in disgust, and can’t do regular things anymore? There is so much more plastic surgery can offer and these problems that occur because of plastic plastic surgery aren’t one of them. It’s the result of people bad choices that it leads them to have these circumstances that they don’t want to be with. Use plastic surgery with precaution, If you want a certain feature changed, go ahead and if you are dissatisfied know that if you continue, it will only make matters worse. If you don’t want to have the same experiences that these women had to endure then surely you will know when enough is enough.


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