When the head strikes a blow in the area of the forehead leads to transitory loss of some brain functions due to concussion and some symptoms may appear. Its important to do some examinations because this blow affects some area of the brain. cerebrospinal fluid surround the brain to protect it from any trauma or from any jolt. But. when the forehead struck by something strong cerebrospinal fluid can not protect the brain and cause concussion and loss of some brain function beacause it is affect some area in the brain such as frontal lobe and temporal lobe and might be affect some other area as well such as midbrain, diencephalon and brain stem (Wikipedia and Allan H. Ropper, M.

D, 2007)Varsha might report visual disturbance because this blow on her forehead affects some area in the brain that have an important roll for visual processing such as temporal lobe and midbran. Temporal lobe is one of the obs in the cerebral cortex located behind the frontal lobe and it is involve in visual preception. Midbrain is a part of central nervous system and related to the vision, sleep, wake, regulation of temperature and motor control and it is superior medulla and pons.

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The damage in this part due to concussion can cause visual problems because this area can not do its function related to the eye, and this affect the eye movement and eye focusing, so that is cause some symptoms include “ eye strain, Blurred near vision and double vision“ (David M. Erlanger and Wikipedia, 2010). Other symptoms might occur due to concussion include:1.

????1. Headache, is a popular symptoms in concussion due to affecting the frontal lobe in the brain , it is anterior and bigger part of the cerebral cortex lobe in the brain in each of cerebral hemisphere the frontal lobe located at the anterior part(International Neuropsychological Society, 2008)  2.????????Difficult to concentrating or remembering things for a temporary time, due to affecting of frontal lobe and temporal lobe that is due to their function which i responsible for memory in the brain.

Temporal lobe is another lobe in the cerebral cortex and it is posterior to the frontal lobe in the brain. The struck on the forehead affect temporal lobe as well , by damaging this area may cause temporary loss memory (BrainLine, 2012).Listening the sound in the ear, because of affecting the temporal lobe. Another function of temporal lobe is ability of hearing , by damaging this area may cause haring problem or listening a sound ringing in the ear (BrainLine, 2012).  


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