When it comes to data mining, somepeople might not know what data mining is exactly. Data mining might not becommon for some people, yet it has considerable importance in many areas, suchas, hospitals, companies, insurance companies, weather, and government. Datamining is defined as, “The process of analyzing data from differentperspectives and summarizing it into useful information – information that canbe used to increase revenue, cuts costs, or both”. The areas that deem datamining as important, depend on the success of data mining.

Data mining is veryimportant within these certain areas, however, there are some controversies. Twoissues that can cause dispute for data mining are the privacy and security ofan individual. In regards to collecting data, there is controversy withincollecting data for an individual or in a certain area. Since data mining isviewed as very important in many areas, and also cause controversy, there areof course advantages and disadvantages. The usage of the internet can leadto one of these disadvantages within data mining. Throughout the world, thereare companies that receive personal information of individuals.

These companiescan receive information on an individual if they agree to certain terms andconditions on social media websites, gaming websites, and other websites. Thereis an industry for companies to sell personal information, which can causecontroversy. Since these companies that attain individual’s personalinformation can sell their information, this makes this industry worth billionsof dollars. As stated in a Time Magazine article, “This large scale aggregationof the personal information of hundreds of millions of American citizens raisesa number of serious privacy concerns” (Big Data). The people that are gettingtheir personal information taken away from them are concerned with the privacyof their lives because they do not know how someone got ahold of their personalinformation. They are also concerned because they do not know exactly whatinformation they do have and what they are going to do with this information. Thisissue of privacy within the public is not ethical and can cause dispute withindata mining.On the other hand, an advantage of datamining is the weather and how forecasters can predict the weather.

Predicting theweather is a very challenging every day task for these weather forecasterssince the weather is never the same of course and it is also different indiffering parts of the world. Data mining aids in predicting the weather forweather forecasters. “Mining the simulations is also challenging. At theresolutions McGovern is simulating, each simulation generates over 1 terabyte(TB) of data” (McGovern). Weather forecasters benefit from data mining by thecollection of scientific data, yet attaining this data is usually challenging.Data mining assists in the safeness of the public because the data can alertpeople if there is a bad storm coming. Data mining is significant in the areaof weather since citizens will know exactly what type of weather is ahead andas a result, they can plan for anything.

One area that benefits highly fromdata mining is retail companies. These retail companies that use data mining asan advantage, use the collection of data that they have attained over a periodof time to make a representation of how their customers have purchased theirproducts. They often view their own company’s past data leading to consumerspurchasing their products more frequently. “Electronic commerce is changing theface of business. It allows better customer management, new strategies formarketing, an expanded range of products and more efficient operations. A keyenabler of this change is the widespread use of increasingly sophisticated datamining tools” (Banks & Said). The aspects of data mining towards retailcompanies are so important because this gives them an edge on competition andwill lead to the consumption of more money from their advancements intechnology.

Finally, there are controversiesthroughout the disadvantages and beneficial factors for many people throughoutthe advantages of data mining. Hospitals, companies, insurance companies,weather, and government rely on data mining so they can continue to be successfulin their endeavors. Individuals can be affected by data mining by having theirpersonal information taken from them.

Retail companies can benefit from datamining as well.


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