What is technology? Who needs technology? Why we need technology? Can technology disappear from our lives? And maybe there are many more questions that are in our heads about technology.In this era, technology is not something new or something strange, because technology has been widely known and everyone has their own opinion about technology.Everyone today has been using technology, even as they realize it or not technology has entered into their lives and become a necessity. For example before we get to know the technology, to communicate we need to meet each other directly face to face and it will be very inconvenient when we want to communicate with someone who lives different city or country, but now we only need a handphone and internet connection then we can communicate with anyone and anywhere.It is an example of technology that has made human communication easier, there are many other things like transportation, health, construction, information, business and more.

Technology has helped solve many problems and facilitates human problems.Technology has developed very quickly and widely in all things human life. There always appear new technology that can make us amazed. Many companies then create and develop the latest innovations with the intention to simplify their business or make it a new business because they can sell the technology to anyone who needs it.Technology has provided many positive things in human life, but behind it, all technology can also give negative things to its users.

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It’s all dependent on how we deal with technology in our lives.Technology just like a knife, if you use it well and correctly then it will be very useful, but if you use it wrong then it will be very harmful and can hurt you.Technology will never be lost in our lives because it will always appear something new and then grow into our lives.@Blogging-Mech will discuss everything related to the technology around us, the latest innovations, amazing technology or technology that can make us laugh at it.If you want to know more about technology Please follow @Blogging-Mech.


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