What we have to understand is the media distorting our perception of beauty is a severe global problem that has had harmful and serious implications and will continue to do so if we do not understand the afflictive nature of the situation, for example having a narrow vision of a beauty ideal can affect these young girls, because of the ideology that is constantly being drilled into their minds due the media being omnipotent this does have a detrimental effect even subconsciously to all, which indeed could lead to self-esteem issues if they perceive their own body and beauty as being repulsive to others, body image tends to comprimise a mixture of self perception ideas and feelings about ones physical attributes it is linked to self esteem and the individual’s emotional stability(cash and syzmanski,1995; Thomson 1990) , depression could be a by product as this ideal self image or the ‘societal ideal’ which constitutes the perfect body can cause depression due to majority of the females in society not being manufactured, body dissatifaction by bodies regarded as fat are provoked by the attempts to narrow this discrepency through the media constantly compelling the public to diet and excercise (Silverstein et al 1988) Young girls tend to believe what they see which in fact are immaculately polished girls/ women is incredibly damaging 42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to be thinner (Collins, 1991).1.6 million people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder and 89% of the 1.

6 million are female (National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence) females tend to exhibit more dissatisfaction with their bodies (Heunemann et al.,1966), cosmetic surgery (   ) and even suicide as many of these factors do lead to. This constant struggle to have the perfect body has affected the innocent vulnerable young girls in our society, at its very worst, the desire to achieve a manufactured idea of beauty can have devastating consequences such as an inquest into the suicide of 18-year old Hannah Carpenter which revealed  that she killed herself after becoming obsessed with achieving the “perfect” figure, she also suffered from an eating disorder, the pressure soon became too much for her that she actually killed herself is this socially acceptable, the media is to blame for her death due to what she had been surrounded by, the media can affect us in the most deadly ways, it is crucial for us to understand that the media has become dangerous and the extent that these media corporations would go to to sell a lie, could take a life.

Within our society there are large corporations which have too much control of the mass media we consume and it has become the norm to use photoshop, to edit and manipulate the images of these models to make them look “perfect” these have a deadly impact on our society which contribute to a number of factors i have mentioned.What lengths will people go to achieve this unrealistic perfect body as they perceive their own body and their own beauty as being repulsive to others and the consequences of those lie with serious factors such as eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia.) The pursuit of beauty also compels some young women to go under the knife (cosmetic surgery) and as stated above even suicide.


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