What do we mean when we call someone a “monster”? The word brings up figures of horror from vampires and werewolves to images of peoples with no heads or misshapen, grotesque features. How monsters have been created over time is due to the supernatural and existential challenges faced by societies than the realities that they have encountered.

According to what Friedrich Nietzsche said, we must be careful when fighting monsters so that we don’t become one too.       We are well aware of the bitter reality that monsters are an ineluctable part of our society, and its predominant cause is mankind itself. It is the people of the society who have made life so complicated for themselves and for others that leaves far behind the idea of simplicity, which our religion also enforces.

The point of suggesting this is that with the age of modernity, human beings have progressed and have even reached the moon, which indeed is a real accomplishment worth appreciation. But on the other hand, they have started to degenerate morally. Our desire to gain more power has compelled us to follow the path of evil. It is indeed the people who have deviated from their moral sense in order to achieve materialistic gains, which causes disruption in the society. The monsters manifest themselves in many ways in the form of corruption, greed, sexual harassment, child abuse and so on. Certainly, monsters are the result of mankind’s inability to control our wishes and desires, which motivate us to commit wrong and harm society.        Another poignant cause for monsters is the influence of peer group.

The desire to become a part of the peer group is strong enough in an individual, especially children, that they can go to extremes. People, as already mentioned, desire monetary gains and popularity. A teenager, for instance, is in a growing process and in spite of having intellect is not experienced enough to know what he or she really wants. Therefore, status consciousness refers to the cause of evil due to which numerous people are suffering. By watching the higher class people, various individuals want to adopt a certain lifestyle which is parallel to theirs. Then, the rise of monsters like robbery, drinking, and use of drugs take place.

Children perceive these sort of things as “cool”, but they do not realize what harm they are deliberately inflicting on themselves and especially to the society. This can create a never ending chain of destruction and the result would be traumatic, leading to emotional turmoil and physical decay as well.      To answer the question, the word monster isn’t all that different from what it once was. Ask any homophobes, and no doubt the “monster” they’re thinking of doesn’t look anything like a beast. Ask a wrestler who has a 200-pound man coming at him, and the first word that pops into the wrestler’s mind is “monstrous”.

Ask a child what’s in their closet, and it won’t be anything close to a person . Time has only slightly changed its meaning to whom or what the word applies.


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