Whatis genuine? It’s an exceptionally complex inquiry. The traditional feeling ofwhat is genuine is something normal, something that isn’t man-made, forinstance the nature or the universe. Be that as it may, the world isn’t thesame as it was for a long time prior and the truth is idea has moved in timewith the innovation. Can you live without technology? What is real, and unreal?Fondly Fahrenheit, and Super-Toys Last All Summer Long have the answer to thesequestions. What’san android to begin with? An android is humanoid robot that has synthetic qualitiesthat match that of a human. For example, having synthetic skin that’s close toflesh and blood.

Considering the story Fondly Fahrenheit, it’s about man named Vandaleurand his android on the run. Why because his android is a killer.  But when we consider the story, Super-ToysLast All Summer, its about how far are we willing to go to make robot into a perfecthuman.Super-ToysLast All Summer, even though David has sentiments like a human and other humancapacities, for example, talking, considering, painting and running, he is arobot, which is told in the end. I expect David is one of those robots Henry isdiscussing with engineered fragile living creature and a mini chip for hismind.

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David tries to characterize what is genuine yet even though he feels likea kid of fragile living creature and blood he doubts it since his environmentinfluence him to feel incredible “I hate that old psychiatrist-he makes me feellike I’m not real”. This is the theme that the story has set, what is consideredreal and unreal.  If David has the capacitiesthat make him human, wouldn’t he be considered human. This begs the question,how far is technology going to advance to the point where there’s no distinguishbetween real and unreal. Canone risk their life for an android, and how far can you go? Considering why Vandaleurput his life in risk for android is that there a couple reasons why Vandaleurchooses to submit the illicit demonstration of having a risky android. Cash isthe most conspicuous.

The android itself costs fifty-seven thousand dollars. Vandaleurwouldn’t like to hand over his legacy for that galactic misfortune. Additionally,the android is Vandaleur’s sole wellspring of salary; he doesn’t have any wordrelated aptitudes. Notoriety is another key factor for why Vandaleur keeps hisandroid. Poor individuals are the main ones that don’t possess an android.Vandaleur feels as though his different astute, top-demonstrate androidimproves him than the greater part of people around him. Vandaleur likewisetrusts that he can settle his android.

Vandaleur never completely acknowledges,in any case, that he is dragging his vast, similar issue around with him. He isreliant on his android for a heap of reasons. Vandaleurimparts his dependence on innovation to many individuals who live today. Eventhough we don’t have similar robots to stay with us, many individuals haveturned out to be dependent upon PCs, cell phones, and other mechanicalmanifestations; even our government expects it to legitimately work. In anycase, if a bit of innovation, like an Xbox, were to breakdown, the vastmajority would not keep it; they would return it for a new one. Nonetheless,envision if an innovation subordinate individual from the twenty-first centurywas set in Vandaleur’s circumstance. This individual would no doubt settle on anindistinguishable choice from Vandaleur.

This innovation dependent individualwould not surrender the one thing he/she required most on the planet eventhough keeping it could conceivably prompt others being hurt. Numerous people ofthe twenty-first century have all the earmarks of being similarly as dependentupon innovation as Vandaleur. 


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