What would have happened if the new deal was not put in place?  If  the Great Depression never ended americans would have lost more money to survive. More people would have a better paying job. If the Great Depression never ended then more people would not have had better paying jobs and better homes. Roosevelt sayed United States was struggling with the Depression.

Millions of Americans were out of work businesses and factories. The owners of the factories could not pay the workers because they could not make money from people coming in the store or factories because of the Great Depression. The Great Depression had a lot of good people go broke and they could not feed their families. Some people killed themself because they could not pay for stuff the people would even poison themselves.

Roosevelt tried to fix as much as he could. “Roosevelt’s quest to end the great Depression was just beginning. He asked Congress to take the first step toward ending Prohibition one of the more divisive issues of the 1920s by making it legal once again for Americans to buy beer. ” Why would they put the Great Depression in when people could barely get money to live off of gladly Roosevelt came and saved them from going broke.

“The United States had been struggling with a severe economic depression. “Millions of Americans were out of work; including businesses and factories. The economy was mad about this because they were working but they were not making money so they started making papers saying wanted a decent job with there age on the paper Why would they put the Great Depression in when people could barely get money to live off of gladly Roosevelt came and saved them from going broke but Roosevelt also had a deal with the rich people for the government. Roosevelt was not all good he had some patches. “Under Franklin D.

Roosevelt’s new Deal, government  greatly expanded to provide relief, recovery, and reform. Relief was money and grants paid to states that went to individuals through agencies such as FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Act). The New Deal Change the role of government completely.

“why would they not fix the Great Depression sooner and put in the new deal faster so that way americans did not have to suffer. The Great Depression came before the new deal. Roosevelt came up with it to somewhat help the people. “Despite the best efforts of the federal government, the depression continued throughout the decade of the 1930s.”Why did the Great Depression come in it came in because of the dramatic crash of the stock market on “Black Thursday”, October 24, 1929 when sixteen million shares of stock were quickly sold by panicking investors who had lost faith in the American economy.

Then the new deal came by Roosevelt he helped everyone get back on their feet. Then the government changed and became stronger. “Even the wealthy, many of whom lived through the period largely untouched, feared the great depression.

The Author said that the social services came by Roosevelt and still happen on present day. “That people suffered when the Great Depression came and then Franklin D. Roosevelt came and recovered the people. federal government came up with the Great Depression and the New Deal.

The times of the Great Depression was hard to support families. My project was important to learn about what happened to the people and how they did not have enough money to support their families. I also learned that Roosevelt was not all that good but he did help the people then he started out with higher taxes.

Then the people of america killed themselves because of the Great Depression.


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