What a day. Today, after being allowed to skip school, I experienced five hard-to-believe adventures. First, I visited the White House to take a picture with the president for Instagram. Next, I traveled to Dubai to explore the world’s most innovative city. After that, I traveled to Japan to eat Kobe beef, one of the world’s most expensive foods. Then, I time traveled to the protestant reformation. Finally, I traveled back in time to ancient Rome and had dinner with Julius Caesar.        The year is 1803. Thomas Jefferson is the president of the United States. Napoleon is still indulged in his series of brutal wars against the British and the Prussians.   My visit to the White House is something that will not happen again for nearly 40 years. My trip to 1600 Pennsylvania avenue was unique, because it was the first time that a president of the United States had been photographed. My Picture with Thomas Jefferson is so nique, but why do I want this picture? I want a picture with Jefferson because he is a character that so many associate American freedom and democracy, the crafter of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, arguably the two most important documents in history. The picture of with Jefferson would be taken in front of the old White House, before the British burned it down in 1813, and would also be the only photograph taken of the old White House, making it extremely unique.         The second activity on my marvelous day off is Journeying to Dubai to experience some of the most innovative and awesome technologies in the world. Some of these technologies include visiting the Lykan Hypersport factory and riding in the Autonomous air Taxi. Dubai is known throughout the world as a city filled with ludicrous ides that one could never picture, yet they somehow exist. Another experience you can only have in Dubai is buying gold from an ATM in the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. This gold is actually a smart investment though because it can actually go up in value. There is a reason that Dubai has grown so much in the last twenty years, and much of that probably has something to do with all the technological advances that have been made in the city.        Kobe Beef is one of the most expensive and rare delicacies in the world. This is why traveling to Japan to experience this food is the third activity on my day off from school. Kobe Beef is known to have premium fat marbling and texture. I love beef because it tastes so good, better that all other foods. The Kobe cow that produces Kobe Beef is only found in Kobe, Japan, so it is also extremely rare. The Japanese have even devoted special hotels to the Cows that are so important to the success of the local industry.. Kobe beef is one of the best varieties of Beef, my favorite food, and so for this reason one of my Activities is trying Kobe beef.        The Protestant reformation quite literally split the world in two. If not for a man named Martin Luther, the Pope could today be more powerful that the President of the United States of America, and that would alter history as we know it a extremely large amount. The Protestant Reformation is such a major event in history, it literally altered the course of history. This is why I want to time travel back to the protestant Reformation. If Martin Luther had not taken a stand against the institution of the Catholic Church, our lives today would be much, much, different because our lives would revolve more around the Church than around things that matter most to us. If I had to choose one thing however to experience, I would want to be in the room when he wrote the Ninety-Five Theses, one of his most famous and influential works that led to the division of Christianity,  however I presume that this took him a lot longer than one sitting. The Protestant Reformation is arguably the most important event in World History, and like so many who live today, I would love to be there.         Caesar. A name synonymous with the great Rulers of the mighty Roman Empire. Twelve Roman emperors Ruling Names included this term, but the most notable was Caesar Augustus, the one who ruled for a staggering 40 years. Augustus expanded the Roman empire to vast and Far fetched Regions that could take months to travel to. Augustas is likely the most powerful man ever. This is why I want to time travel and visit Caesar Augustus. A lot of people like me are fascinated on understanding how and why Augustus expanded the great Roman Empire so much, but what we do know is that he was a very, very good conqueror. Many children dream of ruling the world, but he actually ruled the world. This simple theory some two thousand years old fascinates me, and I would definitely want to Visit all the Caesars, but the one choice would be Augustas, simply due to the vast scale of Roman expansion during is colossal rule of forty years. Visiting some of the most exotic and weird places and meeting some of the most famous and influential people in History is something that all people will dream about some time in their lifetimes. Most people however will never get to fulfill those dreams. If I were given the opportunity to fulfill these dreams, I therefore would choose these five things I described in this essay. If Given the opportunity of a lifetime, you should always take it, because like I have described here today, what you may be come across an opportunity to do today, in two thousand years someone might be looking back in history books and wishing that they could do that thing that you can do.  Even though my activities may differ from those you may choose, an experience of a lifetime is something that is truly once in a lifetime.  


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