What brings the majority to Republic of African nation are the beaches – and there square measure lots to decide on from. Luxurious five-star resorts that cater to your every desire co-exist with fun and busy Mediterranean-style zones sustain stuffed with restaurants, bars, and clubs.There’s put together several space for lazy days and long walks on palm-tree lined pristine coast line. merely take your decide.

But there is most lots of to Africa’s tiniest county! encircled on all sides by African country, Republic of African nation is home to nature reserves, charming fishing villages, and form of historic traffic stations price exploring.If you’re a bird lover, it’s unlikely that you just haven’t detected of this country as you will be able to spot over 100 bird species on one stream cruise. Abuko Nature ReserveThere ar nature trails at intervals the park. Treks will take you to the parcel and into the Bamboo Pool.

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there is put together a wood bridge over a steam. This takes you to a bird hide. there is put together a platform where you will see river Crocodiles and lots of types of reptiles. The most opportune time to travel bird observance is that the late afternoon or early within the morning. this fashion you will be able to hint beyond the tourists.

If you are trekking, guarantee to carry some refreshments. If you are occurring associate Abuko Nature Reserve tour. Kachikally repository and diapsid PoolVisits could also be organized to different attractions at intervals the region.Try the Kachikally diapsid reptile Pool in Bakau, where you will be able to stroke Charlie the far-famed diapsid reptile, and visit the cultural deposit.

Dare to the bit a diapsid reptile at Katchikally diapsid reptile Pool, home to some eighty reptiles of various ages and sizes.Visits could also be organized to native National parks, beside the Abuko Nature Reserve and conjointly the Makasutu Cultural Forest.Visit the native vertebrate farm where you will be able to see a variety of Gambian reptiles and maybe hold one!Have a go at fishing on the native beach!  Kiang West parkSpread across 100 and fifteen sq m on the south bank of the stream, wild ass West park contains a formidable array of plant and animal life. There unit of measurement quite 250 bird species, conjointly as bush-bucks and sitatunga. On the disadvantage, the reserve isn’t accessible – even at intervals the time of year.

 In the angiospermous tree creeks, the West African sirenian and conjointly the Nile crocodile pass off. at intervals the angiospermous tree boundary and natural event flats the tracks of various animals just like the claw-less otter, marsh genus Herpestes and Sitatunga ar to be found. completely different reptiles at intervals the park embody serpent, cobra, river monitor, puff adder and African python among others Tubabkollon intent north east of the park is near the stream and is that the most effective place to look out savannah endemic animals at intervals the park. Animals like sitatunga, warthog, bush-buck, baboons, hyaenas, elusive leopard, recent World monkey ET AL. Trip to Gambia together with your family and friends. fancy completely different packages offered by travelwideflights.


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