What is Ionian Science?Well, primarily the Ionian Enlightenment was what advanced scientific thought,it dealt with explanations of nature, and discern the natural and rationalcauses behind observable phenomena. It was during the 6th century BC thatphilosophers started to attempt to understand nature and looked-for laws thatdescribed its behavior. Thales of Miletus also accompanied by Anaximander andAnaximenes were the ones who began to develop the ideas of the universe. Thistrio was known as the Ionian thinkers; Ionian was the essential birthplace ofWestern science and philosophy. Asthe trio expanded on their ideas they started to believe that the Earth andeverything else in the Universe was made from a material substance instead ofthe theory of it being made up of a spiritual substance. As they agreed on thattheory, differences arose when it came to what type of substance. Thalesthought it was water, Anaximander thought it was the infinite, and Anaximenes believedthat it was air.

That was just one of many suggestions that contributed to whatwe now know as Western science. However, another theory that become famous forevolution was “that in the beginning humans were born from other kinds ofanimals, since other animals quickly manage on their own, and humans alonerequire lengthy nursing” (Washington, 2018) declared by Anaximander. These thinkersalso influenced some pre-Socratic philosophers such as Heraclitus, Empedoclesand Anaxogoras. Inconclusion, the pre-Socratic era revolutionized the way people think today aboutscience, myths, religion, and philosophy.

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This era was important because thepurpose for these philosophers were to invent critical rationality. It was theIonian thinkers that made natural philosophy evolve into what we call sciencetoday. The myths that evolved from the belief in the power of these gods formedthe basis of the early Greeks worldview. Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes,turned away from this form of belief system and looked to the natural world forevidence of the source or first principal of things.       


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