Well overall discussion in the intensive
interviews told that for women digests and novels can be the best companion
during their leisure time and most of the women read nove lsjust to learn
something and sometime for the sake of entertainment. It was concluded that
novels do have impact on readers that people change their lives, perception
about relationships and women their career specially. Moreover from interviews
it was also concluded that girls fantasize their lives after reading Urdu
popular fiction published in digest.

When asking about whether girls fantasize
or compare their lives with stories and characters in urdu novels. Interviewees
said that girls do compare and fantasize their lives after reading urdu novels.
Novels sometimes show a negative point as positive but girls without knowing
try to have relationships and lifestyle such as in the novels. They further
agreed with the same point that comparison with the character in the novel was
not a bad thing.

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of Urdu novels on readers

When the researcher asked interviewees about
do people change perception of their lives after reading Urdu novels published
in digest. Three respondents coated their own stories about changing perception
of relationships, lifestyle and thinking patterns by reading their favorite
novelist. When researcher asked about the relationship build in Urdu novels and
either they are far away from the reality or not. All the respondent agreed
that relationship shown in novel are much closer to reality now-a-days and
totally based upon the domestic drama.

of life

Interviewees further said that they like
stories with realistic approach and open all positive ending breaking the
stereotypes of women. Few of them like religious and progressive approach also.

When the interviews were asked about their favorite
novel writers, three of them were asked about their favorite novel writer is
Umera Ahmed due to her religious and impressive approach. One of them said that
she like Nimra Ahmed of MUSAF because of her influential text writing style.

of young women

All the interviewees said that they use
digest and Urdu novels in their leisure time for passing the time. Most common
novels among interviews were Khawaten,Shua,Anchal,Kiran. Interviewees further
explained that digest are the most appropriate source of entertainment as from Urdu
fiction you come to know and learn a lot of things in your life.


Effects of Urdu novels on

Perception of life.

Preference of young women.

Consumption patterns,

Along the quantitative research methodology
researcher also applied qualitative method of research by conducting intensive
interview to assemble data directly from respondents according to the following

interviews findings


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