“???????????????????????????????????””We are moving to the United States next summer.

Think what you want to do.”My father suddenly said. It was the biggest surprise in my life so far. The summer of 2016, my father was assigned to be in the US for his work. I was in the final grade of a Japanese high school and had only six months left to graduate from that high school. I had two choices, one of them was staying in Japan by myself and study to be qualified to enter Japanese universities. However, I chose another option, which was to move with my family to the US. The reason I decided to move to the US was that I thought it would be a great opportunity to get closer to my future dream.

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I wish I could be a cross-cultural lubricant who can ease the different sense of value.In Japan, English education is good enough to just do the reading and writing, but there are not enough exposures in daily life. Fortunately, I got a big chance which many Japanese could not have in their lives. Experience authentic English in the US. However, it was harder than I thought. As I mentioned before, each country has various characteristics. American are generally more active and open-minded than Japanese are.

After I moved to the US, I struggled with the differences. With this in mind, I would like to gain the ability to adjust to the “real world”. I believe that the good grades do not guarantee the future success. The most important key to the success is to challenge one’s self. I think I haven’t been challenged to myself enough at California University of Pennsylvania.

I would like to step up more and more. Transfering to a school which has more rigorous academics will stimulate my interests.Becoming a student at California University of Pennsylvania was the best choice for me at the point of 2017. Throughout the freshman year, I studied with wonderful professors and great friends who have unique backgrounds and thoughts.

Although, I also have a non-academic reason to transfer. I originally applied to California University of PA because it was near to Pittsburgh, where my family lives and I can see them easily. From now on, I would like to put myself into a completely different environment, which means more international and lager city.Since my transcripts show, I did very well academically and earned a place on the Academic Honors List for California University of PA. Also, became a member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society in 2018.

I am confident and excited that I could learn many things from this valuable opportunity. It will step me up to be a great cross-cultural lubricant in the future. Thank you for your attention to this essay.


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